An Urban “Shanshui” Space – HEYTEA at Paragon Center, China by BloomDesign

Stone and wood form the will of nature

Project Specs


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“每一次,我都不是在做一个有形的空间规划,每一次我都在构建一个心中的美好世界!”—— BloomDesign创意总监 李宝龙

“For each project, I don’t merely work to figure out the spatial planning, but more importantly, to create the beautiful world in my heart.”— Li Baolong, Creative Director of BloomDesign



As a representative of new-style tea-drink brands, HEYTEA is very successful in creating fantastic spatial experiences for customers in its stores. Through working to impress and surprise the customers, HEYTEA has greatly enhanced its brand visibility and potential. Each HEYTEA store is unique and has a different appearance, but are all designed centering on four key words — “cool”, “inspiration”, “design” and “Zen”, which constitute the brand’s concept.

▼室内空间概览,interior view


Artistic conception of “Shanshui”


As approaching this project, the HEYTEA store situated at Paragon Center, Xiamen, China, BloomDesign adopted a brand-new visual style to interpret the brand’s concept and spirit. The designers tried to find some connection between traditional tea-drinking culture and the impression of Xiamen — featuring broad sea and multiple mountains. Besides, they strove to explore a contemporary expression of tea culture, and utilize youth-oriented design languages to convey the beauty of Oriental artistic conception, which is a part of HEYTEA’s modern Zen spirit.

▼“山水”设计意向,”Shanshui” design concept


By extracting elements from silent sea, sober mountains and tea as well as applying them to the interior design, BloomDesign created a “Shanshui” world.

▼“山之朴拙”,“海之沉寂”、“茶之简素”,构筑一个山水世界,silent sea, sober mountains and tea are applied to create a “Shanshui” world


Will of Nature


▼内部互动装置,interactive installation

Natural elements were widely utilized in the space. The grains of wood and stones give the space unique textures, either smooth or rough, delicate or austere, soft or solid, warm or cool, thin or thick, all of which can be perceived by customers as they touch the surfaces in the space, hence providing varying and pleasant tactile experiences for them. The textures and color palette of the space are derived from the materials, which not only showcase the will of nature, but also the return to nature.

▼空间中大面积使用天然元素,natural elements were widely utilized in the space

▼石与木的肌理作为空间的皮肤,the grains of wood and stones give the space unique textures

▼材质为手能够接触的部分带来软硬、冷暖、圆润、光滑或粗糙的不同触感,smooth or rough, delicate or austere, soft or solid, warm or cool, thin or thick, all of which can be perceived by customers as they touch the surfaces in the space


Getting Rid of Complexity


BloomDesign didn’t introduce complicated and superfluous decorations into the space, with a view to letting consumers enjoy the pure pleasure of tea drinking, bringing them more inspirations and arousing their imagination.

▼空间中摒弃繁杂与装饰,complicated and superfluous decorations are avoid in this space


Urban “Shanshui”


▼枯石与一抹绿枝,带来内心的片刻宁静,green plants and stones provide inner peace to the customer

The green plants dotted in the space awash with stones enable customers to get away from hustle and bustle temporarily, find inner peace in this charming urban “Shanhui” space, and gain inspirations from HEYTEA. As approaching the design, BloomDesign respected and learned from nature. Everything comes from nature. The more we return back to nature, the more we can feel its warmth.

▼立面石材及厦门当地的文化元素风狮爷,detail of the stone facade and  local cultural elements in Xiamen-wind-lion god

▼固定方式采用了中国传统工艺中的“榫卯结构,mortise and tenon joints, a kind of traditional Chinese construction technique were used for fixing stone floorings


设计团队:邱文娣 廖文杰 赵一川 陈晓松
摄 影:胡境森
Design firm: BloomDesign (
Creative director: Li Baolong
Chief designer: Nan Hongtian
Design planning: Chen Xiaohu
Design team: Qiu Wendi, Liao Wenjie, Zhao Yichuan, Chen Xiaosong
Lighting design: Ding Jie
Video installation: CT.LAB
Project location: Xiamen, China
Project area: 268 m2
Completion time: May 20, 2019
Photography: Hu Jingsen

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