Particles Of Life – Ecok Future in Shanghai, China by Shanghai Atelier Design Continuum

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青未来 | Ecok Future


Global warming, environmental pollution and water and soil loss are currently processing. The young generation lives under the context of unprecedented culture of consumption, which makes them a major source of carbon emission indirectly. Meanwhile, they are clearly aware of their obligation. What is their approach to this problem? Will they come up with an exceeding solution? One would be gratified at their creativity.

▼雕塑外观,exterior view of the sculpture


作为符号与事件触媒的数字化设计 | Digital Design


Leaded by Shanghai Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, student clubs from Shanghai Jian Qiao University planned an event in response to environmental protection. The exhibition installation of this event, Particles of life, was designed by rising designers. They took inspiration from the structure of cell by voronoi programming. Eco-friendly compressed straw panel and LED are applied to the steel frame, trying to derive public activities on the site. Designers emphasize the interactivity and event nature of the new media context, where people are active, like being inside a vibrant cell, interacting, collaborating, and painting the future.

▼雕塑近景外观,通过模拟细胞生长的泰森多边形算法,以参数化的方式,搭建与抽象的环保观念之间微妙而贴切的桥梁,close exterior view of the sculpture, taking inspiration from the structure of cell by voronoi programming, trying to derive public activities on the site


材质 | Material


In China, straw burning becomes the major source of toxic air pollution. The wide thick haze and fog covering Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei concerns the country badly. The designers were trying to find a way to make straw board a commercial artistic product.

▼雕塑外观夜景,由秸秆板、方钢搭建而成,night view of the sculpture,  the particles of life is built from straw panel and square steel


大地艺术 | Earth Art


This artistic piece is the platform of this event. It could also be seen as a sculpture, landscape facility or art installation. Under the new media context, it can be defined as Modern public art. The uncertainty of its function makes it more delighting.

▼雕塑外观夜景,具有当代公共艺术的属性,night view of the sculpture that can be defined as Modern public art


现场感受 | Reporting From The Site


Ecok future is the sponsor of this project. Their first event took place in Shanghai Jian Qiao university. Looking from different directions and at different time of the day, this structure produces changing silhouette and effects. The warm toned straw boards merge with the surroundings gently. As students pass by, this piece of art stops them and attracts them to walk through it. At night, the hidden LEDs are turned on, which makes the scene dramatic.

▼雕塑外观夜景,隐藏在木板间的LED灯亮起,绚烂如电,虚幻如雾,night view of the sculpture,  the hidden LEDs are turned on, which makes the scene dramatic

▼顶视图,top surface view

▼立面图1,elevation 1

▼立面图2,elevation 2

▼立面图3,elevation 3

▼立面图4,elevation 4

摄 影:邵峰

Author: Atelier Design Continuum, Shanghai
Received date: July 2019
Project Name: Particles of life ●Ecok future
Project Type: design & installation
Project address: Shanghai
Client: Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Design time: 2017
First exhibition:2017
Design: Zhu ziye (Atelier Design Continuum, Shanghai)
Design team: Wu Yanru, Chen Xuhui (Atelier Design Continuum, Shanghai)
Structure form: Steel structure
Main material: Straw panel,Square steel
Drawing copyright: Atelier Design Continuum, Shanghai
Photo: Shao Feng

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