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Since ancient times, the literati admires the Xanadu, ” Close the door, one can turn back to a pure heart like practicing in a deep mountain and people coming all have resonate with you.” it is a free and unfettered lifestyle. The owners of the house are knowledgeable unique collectors with rich collection. They bought the house that is less than half acre in previous year and area. Although the house is in central city, it located in a quiet spot in a noisy neighborhood where the back is woods and the front is river. Here, one can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons.

▼满川风物供高枕,四合云山借画屏  ©leisure design


Entering the door, there is a glass door as a barrier. In front of the barrier, a high table is settled with a Song Dynasty Handicap bottle and a Ming Dynasty pan furnace, which is small and quaint. On the right side of the door, a Qing Dynasty blue on white drum stool is placed for the guests to change shoes. Turning to the left is the south side of the house, which leads to the kitchen and tea room. The wall of the corridor is decorated with cherry wood and glossy tiles, which makes people feel deep and quiet. Turning to the left, we enter the main hall. A Bogut frame demarcates the public space. There is a silk artwork on the main wall. In front of the wall, set a long table where there are statue of Avalokitesvara of Qing Dynasty and a small furnace of the Song Dynasty. In the middle of the hall, there are three-person sofa with a low round table and two Ming-style chairs. Obviously, the eastern and western mixed furniture style makes the whole space more elegant and exquisite.

▼厅堂,living room  ©leisure design

▼外侧隔断虚实相间,a Bogut frame demarcates the public space  ©leisure design

▼细部,details  ©leisure design


Further north, it is the public tea room with french windows. Through the window, you can enjoy the view that trees swaying in the wind. On the north wall, a bay leaking window creates a special connection between the study room and the tea room. Under the window, there is a table with potted plants increasing the pleasures of life. It is a great space where the owner can cook tea with friends as well as enjoy the rain scene or moving clouds,four times rotten, inexhaustible.

▼茶室,public tea room  ©leisure design

▼北侧嵌以落地窗,南侧嵌以八角漏窗,a bay leaking window creates a special connection between the study room and the tea room  ©leisure design

▼八角漏窗细部,details  ©leisure design


Opposite the hall, it is the dining room. The original wall was replaced by the cherry wood partition which was formed from lattice window and an original beam. Through the dining room, you can get to the balcony. The storage room is next to dining room. Along the east corridor, there are three bedrooms and two study rooms. In the south study room, there are tables , chairs, cabinets, and shelves that full of calligraphy work. Thanks to bamboo curtains, the whole space is cool. In the north study room, there is a couch under the window where the owner can take a nap. A ancient couplets which are written by Yu Yuying, a scholar of the Qing Dynasty hangs on the wall: “Gust of wind blowing, bamboo sway, coming to the afternoon dream. The fragrance of flower floats in with rain through the curtain.” The ancients called that “woyou” is to visit the natural landscape through the paintings on the wall. While the owner of the house seems to be far more better than this. Between the square inches, you can see the world; a table a couch, enough to realize “woyou”.

▼走廊空间嵌以菱花槅扇窗,corridor space  ©leisure design

▼书斋入口,study room entrance  ©leisure design

▼书斋,study room  ©leisure design

项目地址: 福建省福州市融侨外滩A区
摄影: LEISURE DESIGN乐享设计、吴永长
建筑面积 : 约300㎡
主要材料 :乳化玻璃 超白玻 得高地板 樱桃木 玻璃砖 定制铝合金 实木 花砖 钢板 腻子涂料

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