“31 Shades of Grey” Fashion Art Gallery by Circle Studio Shanghai

Develop the fashion boutique like doing a gallery design

Project Specs


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This is a fantastic design tour. We begin this journey from the first face-to-face communication, task design to basic information acquisition. The design theme determination of “‘31 shades of grey’ fashion art gallery” is actually a natural growth process. All basic information powers out through the designer’s mind like magical creation machinery.

▼门店外观,exterior view


TAG is a fusion space of multiple brands and contents. Men’s wear, women’s wear and accessories are in the space to be sold. In terms of style, there are formal dresses and street-style clothes; there are not only fancy catwalk-show but also cafe bar inside. During brainstorming we find out the “analogy” between space of Gallery and collection store.In this “analogy” we get the prototype of TAG design. In a general way the fashion collection exhibited in TAG can be seen as artworks. The Owner also wants TAG Boutique keep a kind of artistic taste.When we as designers communicate with the owner and discuss about the concept for the first time, we chime in easily and soon confirm the direction of the design to develop . We are determined to design a “fashion art gallery”, so we need to develop the design of a fashion boutique like doing a gallery design.

▼灰色作为空间的主调为各种风格的服饰提供了背景,full grey hue was used as the space keynote to show clothes of different styles

▼设计师以“艺术馆”的形式来呈现时尚买手店,the designer develop the fashion boutique like doing a gallery design

▼收银台及接待区域,cash & reception area


Guided by this idea, we begin to organize the space. The exhibition walls are alternately arranged on square planes for presentation of clothes. Referencing the classical flow pattern in early Morden, the arrangement of exhibition walls lead customers into a flowing and unstopping space. Cubic showcases are interspersed between exhibition walls to display accessories. The design of stairs is designed to be more than a functional element but also a showing space as in a gallery, and finally becoming the focus inside the whole space. The atmosphere created by the professional wall washer light, along with mega-size exhibition wall on one side of capacious stair space highlight the theme of “art gallery”, linking art and fashion closely.

▼宽敞的楼梯空间一侧,是一面连续的超大展墙,along with mega-size exhibition wall on one side of capacious stair space highlight the theme of “art gallery”

▼休息区域,seating area


▼二层展览空间,display area on the second floor


The purpose of art gallery is to display art exhibits. Our fashion boutique borrows the idea, taking full grey hue as the space keynote to show clothes of different styles. Grey around 30 shades have various choices and texture possibilities, obtaining abundant gradations and bringing exquisite feelings to space. In the view of texture combination, we hope to form a kind of tension through comparison between different textures, bringing dramatic effects and making space texture rich and changeable. Felt, terrazzo, calico aluminum plates, bare concretes, artistic cement paint, corrugated aluminum plates and marble appear alternately in space, jointly fostering a delicate “grey” space. In line with natural light and artificial illumination, the grey space reflects elegant and peaceful temperament, which is as quiet and attractive as Morandi’s paintings. Meanwhile, the sense of ceremony and mystery brought by grey “art gallery” makes the exhibited goods obtain artistic sublimation, promoting the quality sense of people’s shopping experience.

▼不同材质间的对比使得空间的质感丰富且细腻,the comparison between different textures brings changeable texture with dramatic effects

▼试衣间区域,fitting room area


The applications of “analogy” space rhetoric and design method of art gallery make it accessible for fashion boutiques to obtain extraordinary performance dimensions. This design also enables us to gain remarkable experience.

▼首层平面图,1st floor plan

▼二层平面图,2nd floor plan

▼室内立面图,interior elevations

完成时间:2017 年
Project name: TAG Boutique of Guiyang
Website: https://divisare.com/authors/2144827008-circle-studio-shanghai
Architects: Wang Lin, Wang Dan
Project location: Guiyang, Guizhou Province , China
Year: 2017
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 512 Square Meter
Photo credits: Qingshan Wu

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