NFB Nursery, Nara, Japan by HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro

The factory to manufacture creativity and dreams

Project Specs


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The site is located amidst several industries in the Yamatokoriyama city of Nara province, which on the contrary, is also home to eight world heritage architecture sites. The surrounding factories have a simple design devoid of any colours. Majorly efforts have been concentrated in creating a lively and playful environment, in the mid of this gloomy context of factories. By definition factory is a building assigned for manufacturing. Hence, “the factory to manufacture creativity and dreams” became the key concept.

▼托儿所主楼前有一个面积很大的花园,a large garden locates in front of the main building


Taking the urban landscape in consideration, we designed the kindergarten to bring in the factory feel using hard textures, corrugated metal sheets as the ceiling etc. This was balanced by filling in the courtyards with lots of green. There are many mechanisms, which are deliberately left raw and exposed to support the factory feel and also generate curiosity about the same, amongst kids. The ventilation pipe passing below the ceiling has been made with transparent acrylic and a propeller has been added inside so that children may learn about the air flow. Similarly, the pipes at back side of wash basin have been boxed in acrylic like an fancy exhibit, demonstrating the whole water supply and drainage functioning. Concept of energy conversion is also manifested at a spot, on which trampling your foot will switch on the LED on the front wall.These are the small discovery pockets which will not only grab kids attention but will ensure their practical learning.

▼托儿所外立面采用了工业风格的设计,与周围的景致相匹配,从街道上可看到餐厅;the facades use industrial style to match its urban context and the dinning hall is visible when seeing from the street

▼餐厅外是一个小花园,the courtyard outside the dinning hall

▼餐厅入口,entrance to the dinning hall

▼餐厅一览,overview of the dinning hall

▼餐厅是孩子们交流和学习社交礼仪的重要场所,因而成为设计中重要的组成部分;the dinning hall is a place for children to communicate and learn social manners; thus it becomes an important part for the overall design

▼餐厅与室外花园相邻,在天气良好时可将玻璃门完全打开,创造一个连续的室内外空间;the dinning hall opens up to the courtyard and the interior connects the exterior when pushing the glass doors to the end during a good weather day

▼即使在厨房也可以欣赏到小花园,为员工提供了良好的工作环境;dinning employees can enjoy the view of the courtyard

▼通往二层的楼梯,staircase leading to the second floor


▼托儿所内有多个大面积的游戏室,平面开阔自由,可根据活动内容灵活使用;there are multiple play rooms with open plans, which can accommodate different activities

▼二层的走廊足够宽大,且引入自然光线;the hallway on the second floor is large and bright with day light

▼走廊两侧的卫生间没有实体门做分隔,这是幼儿园项目中的特殊设计;the restrooms along the hallway are not enclosed with doors, a special design feature for kindergardens

▼洗手池的管道也裸露出来,成为一个展品,引发孩子们的好奇心;the ductwork of the sinks are exposed as an fancy exhibit, attracting curious children

▼洗手池的高度也调整到适合孩子使用,the height of the sinks fit children

▼考虑到幼儿园孩子尚未进行性别启蒙,因而卫生间设计成开放式的;considering that children have not yet understood sex difference, the restrooms are not designed as enclosed

▼为孩子们专门设计的游戏装置,installation that designed for children


Kindergarten is meant to a place for education and growth, not an amusement park full of colours and toys. This design gives them various opportunities of self-learning.

▼夜色下的幼儿园,the kindergarten at night

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼首层平面,the first floor plan

▼二层平面,the second floor plan

▼立面,the elevations

▼剖面,the sections

公司:HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro
照片:Studio Bauhaus,Ryuji Inoue

Project Name: NFB Nursery
Location: Nara, Japan
Firm: HIBINOSEKKEI + Youji no Shiro
Photo: Studio Bauhaus, Ryuji Inoue
Site area 3238㎡
Building area 871㎡
Surface area 1193㎡

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