Atlas Garden, Stockholm, Sweden by Sweco

A modern office building

Project Specs


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The renovation of the Lokstallet block in central Stockholm transformed an anonymous building into a modern office building – Atlas Garden. The land on which the building stands conceals an historic locomotive shed built in conjunction with the adjacent railway.

▼项目位于铁轨旁,the building locates on a site next to the railway


The building’s street-facing glass façade is imprinted with a pattern of words selected from poems associated with the railway – which can only be deciphered if you stand near the building. The railway-facing façade has extra insulation and is covered with zinc shingles. The roof is covered with green plants and, when viewed from above, the building blends in with the adjacent park.

▼项目外部一览,overview of the exterior

▼立面玻璃上印着与铁路有关的诗歌文字组成的图案,the building’s street-facing glass façade is imprinted with a pattern of words selected from poems associated with the railway

▼临街入口之一,entrance on the street side

▼消防通道入口,entrance to the fire escape staircase


The goal was to create a modern office building that would fit in with the row of high-profile buildings located along the railway. The building has been renovated to offer extremely flexible floorplans for tenants. Office floors can be divided into four leasable units with regard to fire doors, wet group placement and entrances. Tenants can choose to have multiple private offices, an open floorplan or a combination of the two. One Atlas Garden tenant chose to have several private offices along with a conference room and a large staff lunchroom. Another tenant has an open floorplan along with a conference room and quiet rooms. The property was transformed by the renovation and expansion into a flexible, modern office building, with new technological solutions that provide many possible variations for leased office spaces.

▼办公区域入口,entrance to the offices

▼办公区域外的接待处,reception area outside the office area

▼会议室,the conference room

▼ 办公区域配备的单间,individual working spaces


Inside, the building’s color scheme is simple but powerful. The brightness contrast of the colors used was carefully selected to facilitate navigation throughout the building for people with impaired vision or an otherwise impaired sense of direction. The dark grey doors stand out distinctly from the white walls. Waiting rooms have unique floor and wall colors. Large numbers are painted in the stairwells to indicate floor number, and each floor has its own color palette.

▼楼梯间的楼层号码使用了超大的字号,large numbers are painted in the stairwells to indicate floor number

▼每层用不同的颜色为使用者导航,every floor uses a different color to help navigate the users

▼项目夜景,the project at night

▼场地与城市关系,relationship between the site and the city

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼三层与六层平面,floor plan for level 3 and 6

▼场地剖面,the site section

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