Żyjnia Urban sanatorium, Poland by BUCK.STUDIO

Green urban health resort

Project Specs


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Żyjnia(Lifery)是一组放置于Dizajn BWA Wrocław画廊的永久性艺术装置,该画廊是波兰最重要的公共性画廊,其内展示着各种艺术作品。Żyjnia使理想中的城市疗养场所得以具像化。就像健身中心和会所等空间一样,该装置旨在为大众提供休憩之地。


Żyjnia (Lifery) is a materialized dream of an urban health resort realized in the form of a permanent art installation at the Dizajn BWA Wrocław Gallery, which is the most significant public gallery in Poland dealing with design. Inspired by the ambience of wellness centres and spa palaces, just as they do, it provides a moment of respite.

Open to everyone, it promotes vitality in its elementary form available to every urban inhabitant. The role of healing waters in Lifery is played by herbal infusions and aromatic steam inhalations. The public is encouraged to use the gallery’s space to spend free time at Lifery, taking advantage of its unique properties. Lifery is also a meeting place, a modern-day urban salon open to open to all initiatives and various artistic, cultural and social events.

▼空间概览,使理想中的城市疗养场所得以具像化,overview, a materialized dream of an urban health resort ©Alicja Kielan



The central point of the Żyjnia is a glass construction where the herbal teas are brewed and aromatic steam is extracted. The whole space is surrounded by delicate, green, semi-transparent curtains that subtly separate Żyjnia from its surroundings, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

Żyjnia is also equipped with a series of comfortable Lentil seats series designed especially for its interior and made in cooperation with Comforty.

▼空间中心的玻璃墙,glass wall at the central ©Alicja Kielan

▼绿色半透明窗帘分隔出空间,green, semi-transparent curtains separate  Żyjnia from its surroundings ©Alicja Kielan

▼定制的豌豆形座椅,lentil seats series designed especially for the space ©Alicja Kielan

▼带有草本植物的装饰瓶,decoration with herb pattern ©Alicja Kielan


Both functional solutions as well as finishing materials used in Żyjnia create references to the interiors and atmosphere of traditional, historical Lower Silesian health resorts and sanatoriums.

▼平面图,plan ©BUCK.STUDIO

▼剖面,sections ©BUCK.STUDIO

project: ŻYJNIA
adress: Świdnicka 2/4, Wrocław
area: 76 sqm
year: 2019
project scope: interior design / execution design / furniture design: series of seats ‘Lentil’
key materials: glass blocks / transparent curtains/ / plants
curator: Katarzyna Roj
photos: Alicja Kielan

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