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The vehicle repair shop became the top steak restaurant

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Spontaneity, raw materials, pristine nature and above all – meat. The best steaks in the city of Olomouc.

▼入口吧台,the entrance bar © BoysPlayNice


Ten years back, you would have come here to have your vehicle inspection certificate stamped. Entering the place, you would have covered your ears to escape the noise of the roaring car engines and watched the mechanics checking clutches and brakes. As the shift ended and the chaps clocked out to leave for home all hungry, they might have been dreaming about one kind of meal. The juicy steak they would eat seated at a solid wood table supported by raw steel legs. Greenery and nature come face to face with animal force. That’s the core of Steak Restaurant’s (STK) interior, housed in a former car repair shop which gave the steakhouse its name.

▼用餐区域概览,dining area overview © BoysPlayNice


▼中央操作区,central operating area © BoysPlayNice

▼操作台细部,operating table details © BoysPlayNice

STK emphasises simplicity and quality, both in its food and its interior. Instead of trying to deny and erase its greasy automobile heritage, the place embraces it. The 320 square metres of the restaurant authentically engage individual elements of its past. This is evident from the materials, which include raw metal sheets, black steel and rebars. We even turned a seemingly problematic layout into an advantage, transforming bearing walls in narrow spaces into a vertical garden and a platform for a barbecue.

▼开放式的食材处理,the open ingredient handling © BoysPlayNice


▼极具自然氛围感的用餐空间,the dining space that has natural atmosphere feeling extremely © BoysPlayNice

the willow branches twined around the table and climbed up the walls to the ceiling © BoysPlayNice

Dominating the space are two huge steel bulls – the owner’s wish and a clear message to guests about the type of cuisine they should expect. In STK, heavy elements merge with nature. Willow branches wrap themselves around the tables and climb the walls, rising up to the ceiling and over the bulls’ heads. Formed from solid oak boards, the tables have a rough hewn appearance and irregularly shaped steel legs. Here and there, plants spring from the ceiling and walls, changing the interior’s look with each new leaf that sprouts. Cowhide covering one of the walls and woven rope complete the signature style of the steakhouse.

▼入口区域的公牛雕塑,bull sculpture in the entrance area © BoysPlayNice

▼延伸至天花板的柳树枝条,willow branches that reach to the ceiling © BoysPlayNice

▼洗手间走廊,the toilet corridor © BoysPlayNice

▼平面图,plan © Komplits

Author:Pavel Kříž | principal architect
Project location:Lipenská 11/7, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Project year:2018
Completion year:2019
Usable floor area:320 sq.m.
Client:steak restaurant | |
Photo credits:BoysPlayNice | |

Basalt | kitchen floor
Oak | restaurant floor
Oak | tables
Willow branches | weaves
Cowhide | dropped ceiling
Steel tubes | tables
Steel + brass | bulls

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