Zenstay Boutique Hotel, China by Zen-In Architects

design under the points of “local dwelling” and “natural texture”

Project Specs


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“尘曦”民宿是一对80后夫妇在中国大陆东端岛屿的理想家园,民宿原为岛中央山腰上的一处原生的石头民舍。坐看潮起云涌、历经风雨洗礼,石头民舍成就了质朴的海岛文化和岁月沉淀的美。而“在地民居”和“自然肌理”正是 “尘曦”民宿设计的切入点。

▼从山间小路看民宿,view from the mountain path © 金伟琦

Zenstay Hotel is the ideal home for a post-80s couple on the eastern end of mainland China, originally a stone house on a hillside in the middle of the island. Sitting and watching the tides rise and fall, and weathered by the elements, the stone house has contributed to the rustic island culture and the beauty of the years. The “local dwelling” and “natural texture” are the entry points for the design of the Zenstay Hotel.

▼入口,the entrance © 金伟琦

▼入口白盒子,the white box at the entrance © 金伟琦

▼悬挑的新建客房,new rooms on the third floor © 金伟琦


The project preserves the stone walls, wooden floor slabs, wooden roof frame and grey tiled sloping roof of the old building to the greatest extent, creating a simple and original living space. At the same time, white blocks are inserted at the entrance of the ground floor to link the originally separated public spaces and give them a sense of depth; an outdoor atrium is set up in the centre of the lobby to regulate the light and atmosphere; through the frame structure, several white blocks are elevated on the third floor and their orientation is reversed to match the landscape; above the third floor, a roof terrace is formed to meet the supporting functions, such as infinity pool, amphitheatre and gathering space.

▼二层平台,the platform on the second floor © 金伟琦

▼从二层平台看楼梯间,view of the staircase from the platform on the second floor © 金伟琦

▼两侧布置花架的楼梯间,staircase with flower racks on both sides © 金伟琦

▼从楼梯间看室外,view from the staircase© 金伟琦

▼开放的中庭,the open atrium © 金伟琦

▼仰视中庭上空,looking up through the open atrium © 金伟琦


The new part creates a high quality functional experience of the current Minshuku, while the old part retains the character of the local architecture. The purpose between the old and the new is clear, creating a dramatic opposition. The atrium, the staircase and the high-ceilinged grey space are used to blur and attempt to reconcile this layered conflict, ultimately achieving spatial unity and stability.

▼会议室,the meeting room © 金伟琦

▼卧室,bedroom © 金伟琦

▼屋顶泳池,rooftop pool © 金伟琦

▼夜景鸟瞰,the aerial night view © 金伟琦

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan © 介隐建筑

▼二层平面图,the second floor plan © 介隐建筑

▼三层平面图,the third floor plan © 介隐建筑

▼屋顶平面图,the roof plan © 介隐建筑

▼剖面图,section © 介隐建筑

项目设计 & 完成年份:2017年-2019年



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