YINGYAO SANDWARE MUSEUM, China by a9architects

Returning sandware to people’s daily life

Project Specs


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▼场地鸟瞰,aerial view of the site ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

The black sandware art inherited for 2000 yreas, the art and wisdom of fire and earth was passed down in Yingjing. Yingjing County Silk Road Shadu Complex Project is a strategic measure to build a “National Eco-cultural Tourism Integration Development Pilot Zone and a National Comprehensive Tourism Demonstration Zone” in Ya’an City under the background of this new era. Surrounding the core resources of blacksand intangible cultural heritage, the design built a unique cultural tourism brand in the region.

▼项目全景鸟瞰,aerial overall of the project ©存在建筑-建筑摄影


The overall deisgn of the Sand Museum takes full advantage of Yingjing’s regional culture and landscape and ecological background, and is conceived with a concept that stands out from the entire ancient building area. The buildings use a large number of solid walls as the facade design to highlight the thickness of sandware. The sense of heaviness makes the main body of sandware the only focal point of cultural dialogue, and the building grows in a way that adapts to the terrain.

▼体块生成,concept formation ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼功能分析,program diagram ©a9a建筑设计事务所


The materials of the entire plaza are made of local stone and pebbles. The open space becomes a communication stage for people to discuss sandware culture and study sandware craftsmanship. In the dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces, the local waterscape of the site becomes a dialogue medium between the building and the earth. The building echoes each other through a naturally unfolding wall and the circular sacrificial kiln banquet building under the wall, creating a more shocking visual experience and space perception.

▼场地局部的水景成为建筑与大地的对话媒介,the local waterscape of the site becomes a dialogue medium between the building and the earth ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼临水一侧立面,Water side elevation ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼自然舒展开的面墙和面墙下圆形的祭窑宴会建筑,naturally unfolding wall and the circular sacrificial kiln banquet building under the wall ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼入口广场,entrance plaza ©存在建筑-建筑摄影


At the same time, using the method of framed scene composition, on the visual scale of pedestrians, the visual space is expanded to the distant landscape on a large scale, like an expanding drawing scroll. On the other side, facing the distant landscape, the outer skin of the grid and the large-area floor-to-ceiling windows are used to form a virtual and solid effect that is surrounded by mountains and rivers in the overall perception.

▼栅格外表皮和大面积落地开窗,outer skin of the grid and the large-area floor-to-ceiling windows ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼开放的空间成为人们讨论交流的舞台,The open space becomes a communication stage for people ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼震撼的体块效果, Shocking block effect ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼04栋外观概览,overall of the 04 building ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼项目细部,details of the project ©存在建筑-建筑摄影


The architects of A9a believe that the exterior wall that restores the original sense of sandware is both a tribute to the classics and injects new vitality. The local coal ash is reprocessed to become embellishments, reshaping the form of contact with the world to gain the current sense of belonging to the site. Returning sandware to people’s daily life has become the main theme of this design. In addition to functional layout and other practical significance, it also accommodates more content. The intention of natural environment man-made objects to be integrated into a whole is to achieve the ultimate harmony and unity.

▼室内空间概览,overall of the interior ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼天井提供了充足的自然光线,The patio provides plenty of natural light ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼项目整体夜景,night view of the site ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼建筑单体夜景,night view of each building ©存在建筑-建筑摄影

▼模型,model ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼01栋平面图纸,plans of the 01 building ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼02 栋平面图纸,plans of the 02 building ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼03 栋平面图纸,plans of the 03 building ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼03b 栋平面图纸,plans of the 03b building ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼04 栋平面图纸,plans of the 04 building ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼立面图,elevations ©a9a建筑设计事务所

▼剖面图,sections ©a9a建筑设计事务所

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018设计 & 2021完成
主创及设计团队:李岳九 及 Ale,朱浩,沈欣怡

项目地址:中国 四川 荥经
类型:文旅, 建筑设计
品牌:上海摩索新型装饰材料有限公司;成都丽彩美涂建材有限公司;贵州建工集团有限公司;MOSO® 无限竹

Contact e-mail:a_9_architects@163.com
Design year & Completion Year:2018 designed & 2021 completed
Leader designer & Team:Li Yuejiu & Ale, Zhu Hao, Shen Xinyi
Partners:Architectural Design Institute of Chongqing University & Liu Yucheng, Su Zhiming Design Team

Project location:China Sichuan Yingjing
Type: Culture&Tourism, Architectural Design
Gross Built Area :13000 sqm
Photo credits:ARCH-EXIST Photographer
Clients:Yingjing County Culture&Tourism Development Co. Ltd
Brands / Products used in the projrct:上海摩索新型装饰材料有限公司;成都丽彩美涂建材有限公司;贵州建工集团有限公司

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