Yifang home textile store, China by KaiWu Studio

simplifying the main body and enriching the details

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Nantong Dieshiqiao international home textile city is the most concentrated home textile trade center in China, gathering many home textile merchants and enterprises. This case is located in Jinyi East Road, the core area of home textile city.

▼南立面,South elevation ©高远


In the context of fierce competition in the industry, improving the business image has become an urgent need for owners. The architectural form of this case is a row building. Each merchant has two independent facades about 6 meters wide and 10 meters high in the north and south, and the East and west sides are connected with other merchants. The design not only needs to achieve the purpose of highlighting visual recognition in many shops, but also needs to improve and optimize the internal space.

▼南立面局部,South elevation details ©高远

▼南立面入口,South entrance ©高远


立面设计 | Facade design


Facing the 10 meter high door head, how to make rational use of the volume and shape the beauty of facade proportion is the direction we need to consider. The scheme adopts the processing method of simplifying the main body and enriching the details, uses a 1 / 3 visual scale to divide the facade center, and combs the facade scale relationship again. The strip-shaped block protruding from the upper left of the south facade points to the logo, which focuses on the visual center of the facade and metaphors the positive concept of upward. The retractable window opening on the right can meet the ventilation needs of the warehouse on the second floor, and the oblique cutting structure and red brown paint give the viewer sufficient imagination space.

▼北立面,North elevation ©高远


Instead of adopting the original double door corridor structure, the south entrance is designed with an inward contraction buffer zone. The entrance is opened to the East, which implicitly and restrained guides the entrance, improves the mystery of the internal space and people’s desire for exploration, and the west is used as a display window. The glass brick of the North facade also takes care of the lighting demand of the second floor, and the lighting windows on both sides of the entrance adopt the design of one-level retraction, which enriches the composition relationship of the facade through this drop.

▼北立面局部,North elevation details ©高远


室内设计 | Interior design


▼轴测图,axonometric ©高远

The interior is a long and narrow space of 6x20m. Fabric display, bedding display, reception area, negotiation area and other functions shall be met. We still retain the design of the channel in the middle and divide the layout logic of the upper and lower functional half areas. However, compared with the original layout, the dynamic line of the new functional division is clearer and greatly improves the space utilization and space experience.

▼由北向南看,Look from north to south ©高远

The warm micro cement material conveys a soft, soothing and restrained space emotion, blurring the commercial attribute of the space ©高远

▼枕芯陈列区,Pillow core display area ©高远

▼面料展示区,Fabric display area ©高远

Paintings are hung on the back wall of the pillow core display area ©高远

▼床品展示区,Bedding display area ©高远

Curved walls and light strips establish the softness of space ©高远

The negotiation area divided by independent space units ©高远

Negotiation area with certain privacy and maintaining dialogue with the space ©高远

▼洽谈区内部,Interior view of negotiation area ©高远


In the upper half of the area, the original stairs are used as the cloth display area, and two middle island blocks are set as the pillow core display area to form a surrounding channel, which makes full use of the space and improves the sense of visiting experience.

The brownish red cabinet behind the service desk meets the daily storage needs, and conveys a strong space atmosphere from the color ©高远

▼接待区细部,Reception area details ©高远

▼南侧入口区,South entrance area ©高远

Bedding display area. Consciously open the wall locally, so that natural light can be sprinkled into the room, presenting a natural light and shadow atmosphere ©高远

▼展陈细部,Details ©高远


The north and south ends of the lower half area are used as bedding display, the cashier reception desk is set in the middle, and the south side of the reception desk is used as tea room and negotiation area.

▼墙体构造细部,Wall structure details ©高远

▼南立面,South facade ©高远

▼北立面,North facade ©高远

▼平面图,Plan ©高远

项目设计 & 完成年份:2020.12&2021.8
主创及设计团队:高远&张雯静 杨建鹏 张聪 高辽

Project name: Yifang home textile store
Design: KaiWu Studio
Contact e-mail: wwyy_13@163.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2020.12&2021.8
Leader designer & Team: GaoYuan&ZhangWenjing YangJianpeng ZhangCong Gaoliao
Project location: NanTong
Gross Built Area: 120㎡
Photo credits: GaoYuan

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