新疆博乐人民公园改造设计(C、D、F地块)/ 北京源树景观规划设计事务所




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Appreciation towards R-land for providing the following description:


▼公园入口,entrance of the park © 章俊华


▼林间漫步道,suitable walking circuit in woodland © 章俊华

▼在疏林中做适当的微地形,create an appropriate micro landscape sparse woodland © 章俊华

Firstly, by drawing on support from the original forests on F block in the eastern section of Wenhua Road, we have attempted to create an appropriate micro landscape transformation in a relatively sparse woodland to create a suitable walking circuit for casual strolling. Several leisure areas will also be set aside whereby tourists will be able to rest and a maze of recreational areas will be designed to the north of the whole site. The design demands the maximising and retention of the current status of the trees whilst diluting the boundaries between the traffic areas and the quiet spaces. Here the elements of the original, the static and flowing areas are all seeking to coexist to pursue the multiple use of tree shaded spaces.

▼林中装置,installation under woods © 章俊华


▼开阔的湖区,open lake area © 章俊华

▼悬挑桥及下沉水面,bridge and sunken lake © 章俊华

▼变化丰富的滨水空间,varied spatial arrangement close to the lake © 章俊华

▼桥下葱郁的水生植物,lush aquatic plants under the bridge © 章俊华

▼由台阶步入亲水平台,steps into the platform close to water © 章俊华

▼湖边次级轴线的线性空间,linear space of secondary axis near the lake © 章俊华

Secondly, we have strived to open the west side of the lake area to Wenhua Road combining a secondary axis of related structured platforms to complete the conversion of the walking circuit. A waterfront footpath has been set in an area of subsidence following a natural curved line and continuing through an elevated tour line making the waterfront space relatively independent. C Block on the northern side of the lake has become an open space with little or no embellishment in an attempt to give an air of spaciousness to the site. Here we have elements of richness and simplicity, complexity and minimalisation all seeking to coexist and emphasise the multiple experiences that can be achieved from the site.

▼收放变换的水体空间体验,spatial changes of the water body providing multiple experiences © 章俊华

▼蜿蜒的滨水步道,winding waterfront walk © 章俊华


▼亲水栈道,broadwalk close to water © 章俊华

▼水中栈道,broadwalk within the lake © 章俊华


▼入口轴线,entrance axis © 章俊华

Finally, the space at the main entrance of C Block has been designed to retain its outstanding natural etiquette as much as possible. The starting point for the main entrance will be at the end of Plaza Road and will follow a direction north along the axis of the main entrance. Areas of open green space with planting in a sequential form bring a difference to the former park status. Creating a difference was the design purpose for this block. Here there is a rhythm and a loose essence combining to shape the space and enhance its performance.

▼主入口边开阔的场地,进行空间的留白,open space near the main entrance creating loose spatial atmosphere © 章俊华


▼起伏的微地形营造独特的道路景观,micro terrain creates a unique road landscape © 章俊华

▼就林置路,establish road system within the woodland © 章俊华

▼迷宫中央的铁塔连接视觉需求,iron tower in maze area that enhance visual connection © 章俊华

▼迷宫中央区一角,corner of the centre area in maze © 章俊华

▼铁塔上的观景平台,observation platform on the tower © 章俊华

▼从铁塔上眺望远方景色, view from the tower © 章俊华

▼临街植物景观,green space next to city road © 章俊华

▼公园一角,detail view of the landscape © 章俊华

▼雪中公园,park with snow © 章俊华

▼平面图,plan © R-land

方案设计:章俊华 白祖华 张鹏 王朝举
扩初设计:章俊华 王朝举 王宏禄 张莹 张广伟
施工设计:章俊华 胡海波 于沣 马爽 杨晓辉 李薇 景思维 王昆 刘敬一 张全
电气、水专业:杨春明 徐飞飞 李松平侯书伟
结构:徐珂宋 正刚 马爱武
英文校对:琳赛·洛特(Lindsay Rutter)

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