Otto’s Burger by Studio Modijefsky

Regaining memories about the old bakery

Project Specs


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Formerly a bakery, the shop was characterized by two distinctive features that influenced the new design: the clear functional division of the space, and the traces of time visible within the tiled interior.

▼餐厅外观,exterior view ©Maarten Willemstein


The link with the past is already visible within the façade: blue tiles inspired by the old interior embrace the entrance and visually connect with Otto’s logo. The lettering, built of simple shapes and profiles, connects the outside with the inside, where the space is unified by the same design language.

▼蓝色瓷砖与Otto’s餐厅的logo形成视觉上的连接,blue tiles embrace the entrance and visually connect with Otto’s logo ©Maarten Willemstein

▼朝向街道的用餐区,dining area facing the street ©Maarten Willemstein

▼细部,detailed view ©Maarten Willemstein


▼从内部用餐区望向入口方向,view from the internal dining area towards the entrance ©Maarten Willemstein

When walking into the building from the main street, a layered and inviting environment unfolds. Wood runs on the floor and climbs up on the bar and walls, giving a sense of warmth. Above the wood, a set of tiles, laid in the original pattern used from the bakery, pays homage to the history of the space. Speckled tiles and horizontal mirror slabs on the wall extend towards the center of the restaurant, inviting the visitor to walk further.

▼带斑点的瓷砖和水平放置的条形镜面将客人引向空间深处,speckled tiles and horizontal mirror slabs on the wall invite the visitor to walk further ©Maarten Willemstein

▼座位区细部,seating area detailed view ©Maarten Willemstein

▼瓷砖墙面和灯具细部,the tiled wall and lighting fixture ©Maarten Willemstein


Halfway down the bar a sudden change in the floor is visible: exactly where the owners of the old bakery had re-tiled the floor there are now yellow tiles. These, just like the wood, continue on the bar and visually extend on the yellow concrete counter, giving the space a strong accent point. Hanging from the ceiling, and inspired by the letter T in Otto’s, is a light element which also functions as a menu display and glass rack.

▼黄色的地砖延续到吧台侧面,yellow tiles continue on the bar ©Maarten Willemstein


A bit further, the bar opens onto what used to be an open-air space. The memory of the outdoor character lives in the use of wooden furniture, the green color of the walls, the tiled floor and the accurate placement of plants. These elements, carefully balanced with a sapient use of light, create the illusion of a patio.

▼绿色墙壁和灯牌设计,the green wall and sign ©Maarten Willemstein


Continuing further from the patio, walking towards the kitchen, the atmosphere changes: the warmth of the wooden floor softens the space, the long sitting areas encircling the kitchen give a sense of home and the beige tones of the tiles remind us of the flour and water used to make the bread.

▼厨房,kitchen ©Maarten Willemstein

▼厨房周围的座位区带来家一般的气息,the long sitting areas encircling the kitchen give a sense of home ©Maarten Willemstein

▼入口座位区,seating area near the entrance ©Maarten Willemstein

▼店面细部,store front detail ©Maarten Willemstein

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan ©Studio Modijefsky

Project: Otto’s Burger
Location: Cologne, Germany
Program: Burger Restaurant and Bar
Assignment: Interior Design and Graphic Design
Status: Realized September 2019
Size: 330m²
Client: Otto’s Burger
Design: Studio Modijefsky; Esther Stam, Zahra Rajaei, Moene van Werven, Sophie van Heijningen, Karen Man Lai Cheng
Photography: Maarten Willemstein

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