XIAO mianguan, China by VOL.D design

Retro elements and colors create ritual feelings

Project Specs


非常感谢 维乐邸设计(联系邮箱:380738@qq.com)予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciation towards VOL.D design(contact: 380738@qq.com) for providing the following description:

晓 面馆,邻家小馆,一碗小面。原本狭长型的店面进行了区块的划分,将使用区间控制在视线范围之内。采用一贯的设计理念,不受时间限制,晓面馆其实是一家开了十几年的小店,这次换了店面之后也一改之前的形象,将复古的元素和色调融入到店铺的设计当中。设计选择了比较复古的造型门窗,让开门开窗充满了仪式感。等候桌是一块翻盖的台板,不用的时候翻面增加木材的铺面。

▼门店外观,exterior view

▼复古的造型门窗和可以翻折的等候台,the door opening window is full of ritual feeling and flip-top waiting table

Xiao main restaurant, next to the small hall, a bowl of noodles.The original narrow storefront has been divided into blocks, and the use interval is controlled within the line of sight. With a consistent design concept and no time limit, Xiao main restaurant is actually a small shop that has been in business for more than ten years. After changing the storefront, it changed the previous image and incorporated the retro elements and colors into the design of the restaurant .The design chose a more retro style door and window, so that the door opening window is full of ritual feeling. The waiting table is a flip-top platen that can be turned over to increase the pavement of the wood when not in use.

▼复古的元素和色调融入到店铺的设计,the retro elements and colors into the design of the restaurant

▼服务区和用餐空间,service area and dining space


The bar chose to use small brick paving. The dark green wall is used as a partition, but it is also a flashing door that blocks the rear passage.

▼小砖片铺面的吧台和用作隔断的墨绿色墙面,small brick paved bar and dark green wall used as a partition

▼吧台细节,bar details


The spice station chooses the same color and materials, echoing the bar.

▼调料台一侧用餐空间,dinning space near the spice station

▼选择同样的配色和材料的调料台,spice station in the same color and materials as the bar



项目名称:晓 面馆
Project name: XIAO mianguan
Design: VOL.D design
Contact e-mail: 380738@qq.com
Completion Year: 2018.12
Leader Team: TOMMY/TONE33
Project location: JINHUA
Gross Built Area: 100㎡
Photo credits: XUANZI

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