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Sometimes, people need an opportunity for others to listen to their demands, a space to calm down and an environment to think positively, and being alone may make people feel more sensitive about what they really want.

▼AIMO-HIIT会员体验中心外观,exterior view of the Xi’an Private Health Management Center


▼体验中心的入口楼梯局部,白色条状装饰物从天花板上垂下来,partial view of the entrance stairs of the Health Management Center

The core concept of Xi’an Private Health Management Center is extracted from the changes of the stars. This case continues the style of Shenzhen Center, giving people a feeling of being in outer space or deep sea. Through restrained design techniques, the designers skillfully balanced the relationship between people and space, so that space is only the background, and talent is the protagonist.

▼公共空间局部动图,从星空变化中提取空间设计的核心概念,gif of the interior public space with the core concept extracted from the changes of the stars


▼体验中心爆炸轴测图,the exploded axon of the Health Management Center

This case builds the health management center into a submerged scene, the purpose is to extract people from the external interference of the extremely busy and huge amount of information in modern society. Only by returning to their hearts can they really understand themselves and enjoy communication, which is the original intention of the designer to design this space. The project is located in the subsidence space of the underground floor of the main structure of the building, covering a total area of 550 square meters. Follow the step-by-step guide on the ground floor you can enter the public area of the health management center. White man-made stone bar is the focus of space, surrounded by an open negotiation area.

▼体验中心的公共区域,中心设有白色人造石水吧台,the public area of the health management center with a white man-made stone bar in the center

▼体验中心的公共区域,开放式的洽谈区域围绕着水吧台设置,the public area of the health management center, the open negotiation area is organized around the bar


▼大厅洽谈空间局部动图,立面上是变化的星空,gif of the open negotiation area with changing stars images on the interior facade

Entering a space, people feel not a design, but a kind of atmosphere, that is, what the public often say is experience. A good environment atmosphere is a kind of enjoyment for people. The functions and colors and so-called styles are the basis of existence. Therefore, in the hall negotiation space, designers use the changeable color and shape panoramic projection to do elevation design, making the concept of space beyond the imagination of solidification design, and then unlimited extension. The design atmosphere of facade is the most important concept in this cace.

▼开放式的洽谈区域,运用多变的色彩及造型的全景投影来做立面设计,open negotiation area, using the changeable color and shape panoramic projection to do elevation design


For designers, design materials are not only limited to physical materials, such as decorative panels, but also good at using new conceptual materials. In this case, the designers created an immersed scene, using the principle of transparency and reflection of glass, through the holographic projection fusion software to make the projection picture more complete, larger size, stronger sense of hierarchy, so that customers can feel the strong visual impact of panoramic image picture in all directions.

▼开放式的洽谈区域细节,玻璃的透明和反射原理创造出一个层次感更强的浸没式现场,details of the open negotiation area, the principle of transparency and reflection of glass create an immersed scene with a stronger sense of hierarchy


Hawking once said: “We human beings themselves are just a combination of some basic particles in the universe. We can understand the mystery of the universe so much that it is a great victory. So don’t forget to look up at the stars. Don’t stare at your feet all the time. Be curious. “

▼体验中心的走廊空间,白色光带遍布在天花板、墙壁和地板上,the corridor of the Health Management Center, white light strips spread all over the ceiling, wall and floor

▼平面布置图,layout plan

设计单位:深圳故事空间设计有限公司 (缩写:SIAD)

Project Name: Xi’an Private Health Management Center
Project Location: Yanta District, Xi’an City, Shanxi Province
Project Area: 550 square meters
Company Name: Shenzhen Storybox Interior Architect Design Co.,Ltd. (SIAD)
Chief Designers: Hihope Zhu
Assistant Designer: Jane Fang, Jinbin Wu
Software Design: Jane Fang
Open Time: May, 2019
Main Materials: artificial stone, ceramic tile, stainless steel
Photographer: SIAD
Photo copyright: SIAD

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