Wood Forest show room, China by AW DESIGN

Wandering in a maze of wood

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards AW DESIGN (contact: ding900108@163.com) for providing the following description:

我们想做一个有趣的、有互动性的、打破常规的地板展厅 。我们想要人和产品产生一些互动,可以行走可以驻留。在发生关系的那些碎片里,可以细味产品发现它独特的尺度感,可以发现自己。

We wanted to make an interesting and interactive floor showroom that broke the rules. We want people to have some interaction with the prod-uct, to be able to walk and stay. In the fragments of the relationship, the product can find its unique sense of scale, can find ourself.

▼展厅概览,interior overview

▼作为展品的地板被悬挂在空间内,带来独特的尺度和体验,the products are suspended to create a unique experience and scale


Floor from wood,The wood has a variety of textures, without order without regular, they are expressing the life, it is distinctive existence ac-cording to reason. Therefore, I don’t think they want to be neatly listed on the wall, bound and selected with the plane as the frame. They want some relationship with people, some touch with air, some interweaving and surprise with light. A mirror reflecting off a suspended floor creates a maze of paths, places people and tilting chairs, and walks and stays in the unreal to discover and create.

▼悬挂的地板,反射的镜面生成迷径,a  mirror reflecting off a suspended floor creates a maze of paths

▼空间细部,detailed view


▼展示空间,display area

▼样板间,prototype room

▼室内细部,interior view

▼饰面与木纹,interior surfaces with wood grains


Walking out of the maze path along the direction of light is a space with a sense of inclusion, and an adjustment of the scale of creating space within the space. The material and form are expressed by the arrangement of points, lines and surfaces, the points are stainless steel spheres, and the sections are floor displays. The line is the collision of the mirror and the floor, the expression of the attributes and the hidden display, the sur-face is the combination of the vertical, the expression of the ceremony, the awe of nature and wood.

▼展厅光影,lighting effect

▼平面图,floor plan

设计时间:2018年 8月
摄影: EMMA

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