Twists and Turns in Shanghai, China by L&M Design Lab

Triple-turned office space

Project Specs


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L&M new office is located on the top floor of an building with terraces of wide view and total vitality for low-rise Yuyuan Road and Xinhua Road Historic Blocks nearby. The top plane rotates 45 degrees relative to the middle plane to cut out four-sided terraces, while bringing multi-triangle, multi-pipe well and multi-inclined beam in the office. We still accept the challenge of triangle for the heartbeat at first sight.

▼从入口处长桌看露台空间,looking outside from the long table at the entrance


曲折 | Twist


The former biggest problem of lengthy streamlines is now a surprise for us. Twists and turns in the space together with opposite and borrowed scenery together make the space like a garden. The twist of the path dissolves the scale while the turn of the space brings changeable scenery. At the first turn, neon flashing in Zhongshan Park expands the scroll, at the second turn, tall buildings of Lujiazui walk into the picture, at the third turn, streams of Yan’an Road flows the sight. We start to treat the office as a garden along with its existing pattern.

▼曲折游移路径分析,migration path analysis


半厅 | Half-lobby


The beam at entrance act as a spatial clue by cutting into black and white. The white side connects with the terrace to form a wide lobby. When opening the sliding door, inside and outside the terrace form a unique view of the first turn. We may not live without wine under such beautiful scenery, so we use copper metal to break the black side and form a wine cabinet, which will reflect the sky and flow like canvas when it is cloudy.

▼从入口的半门厅看室外露台,黑色的背景板内嵌入由红色金属打造而成的酒柜,looking the outdoor terrace from the half-lobby, inserting a wine cabinet made of copper metal into the black panels

▼入口半厅细节,details of the half-lobby at the entrance


The subtlety of gardens lies in the agility of space. Partial mirror stainless steel brings breath to the office space and divides the work-area and the entrance. The doorway is like a picture frame at the second turn, borrowing the scene of the Shanghai center.

▼从半门厅看办公空间,将半门厅的吊顶改为镜面不锈钢,looking the office space from the half-lobby, using the mirror stainless steel as the ceiling of the half-lobby


飞廊 | Flying Corridor


The third turn is on a flying corridor compressed by data and material shelves and extended by work tables. The beam implies space secondly to make the dislocation of path and sight.

▼办公室室内局部,飞廊连接第二个露台,partial interior view of the office space, the flying corridor connecting the second terrace

▼办公室室内局部,飞廊连接第三个露台,partial interior view of the office space, the flying corridor connecting the third terrace

▼开放办公区与讨论区,可以看到室外的露台景色,the open office area and the meeting room area with the scenery of the outdoor terrace

▼开放办公区,the open office area

▼开放办公区与休息区,the open office area and the rest area


旋转 | Rotate


Triangles formed by rotate could be dispelled by re-rotate. The most frequently used printing area, water bar and database are located around the center to make a new rotate and three square work-areas. Outside of each work-area is the terrace and inside is service space.

▼办公区与打印区,the work area and the print area

▼“黑色暗盒”打印区,black cassette of print-area

▼平面布置图,layout plan

面积:500 m2

Architect in Charge: Liu Jinrui, Feng Qiong
Chief Architect: John
Project Manager: Mr Guo, Yang Lin
Team: Feng Fei, Ming Xiangyi, Xie Shunbing, Zhang Endong, Guo Qian
Logo Design: Zhu Sijun, Zhu Jinwen
Construction Drawing Design: Lai Wuyi, Yang Jinling, Guan Bolong
Landscape Design: L&M DESIGN LAB (IA)
Site management: Shen Zhou
Furniture: Wang Xiaoping
Area: 500 m2
Design: 2019.02-03
Construction: 2019.02-03
Main material: PVC (KCC), Sunshade curtain (Rufflette), Writable Paint (HiPaint), wire drawing stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, terrazzo
Photographer: Hu Yijie

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