Whatever Art Space in Chongqing, China by Whatever Design Office

Red bricks, slopes and mirrors bring an old factory space to life

Project Specs


非常感谢 勉强设计事务所(联系邮箱:whateverdesign@yeah.net) 予gooood分享以下内容。
Appreciations towards Whatever Design Office (contact: whateverdesign@yeah.net) for providing the following description:


Looking around the whole mountain of Chongqing, and going through the marketing old streets of the city, the partners of Whatever Art Space met the fairy cave for the first time which is even rarely known locally. An old factory space, symmetry with the axis, suddenly appeared, the mysterious site environment with the imprint left by the former work of the factory. Almost in one second, it was set to be our design office.

▼艺术空间入口,the entrance of the art space


改建过程 | Reconstruction Process


▼艺术空间爆炸图,the exploded diagram of the art space

The Chongqing Printing 1st Factory was built during 1960s and 1980s, and has stopped production for 30 years. In this hidden space of the city, Whatever Design hopes to establish a new way of working and create a connected space. It is not only our office, but also the tunnel of inspiration, and the container of communication as well.

▼从艺术空间入口看室内,室内设有镜面,viewing the interior space from the entrance of the art space with the mirror


Whatever Art Space has naturally become the public space of the Chongqing Printing 1st Factory. It hosts art exhibitions and public events, installs video devices in the space, and connects the public and art in a friendly way.

▼艺术空间室内,空间中设置镜面洞口,interior view of the art space with the mirrored opening


Based on the floor height of the factory space, the interior is designed with a slope to show and interact both existing, which also makes the tunnel have multiple functions of entrance, display and storage.

▼艺术空间室内,设置带坡度的斜面,interior view of the art space with the slope

▼艺术空间室内,斜面使得展示与互动共存,the interior slope that makes the show and the interaction both exist

▼艺术空间室内,斜面使隧洞兼备了入口、展示、储物的多重功能,the interior slope that makes the tunnel have multiple functions of entrance, display and storage


Whatever Design office decided to build the interior with the local red bricks used in the exterior facade of the old factory, as a growth of the old factory inward. The sintering side with the lowest paving proportion was selected as the first material. Each piece of red brick presents a unique overlying traces and colors on the side due to the different positions in the cave. Weeding out bricks with dark color, we in person picked out 10,000 pieces from the 30,000 pieces red bricks.

▼艺术空间平层视角,选择老厂外立面使用的本土红砖来建造室内,the interior view with local red bricks used in the exterior facade of the old factory

▼从二层空间看下层的艺术空间,viewing the art space from the second floor

▼艺术空间细节,设置朝向外部环境的玻璃外墙,interior details, the art space is designed with a glass exterior wall that opens to the exterior environment


In terms of visual design, we abandoned the most commonly used computer and made use of hand origami to overlie the entire vision system. Just like the handwriting left by the old factory, the unique traces made by hand are exactly “Whatever” look in the heart. Whatever Design believes that interesting peculiarity exists in unstable attempts and adventures, rather than fixed patterns.

▼艺术空间细节,details of the art space


The Fairy cave, Whatever Design office space and Whatever Art Space- become a central axis, creating a new way of working and putting art and design into it as a new container.

▼平面图,floor plan

项目名称: 勉强艺术空间
设计方: 勉强设计事务所
设计时间: 2018年12月
完成设计: 2019年4月
主创及设计团队: 黎俊波 唐文琦 高兴 范雅頔 郑皓
项目地址: 重庆市渝中区枇杷山后街79号印制一场4栋3层loft
建筑面积: 42.5㎡
摄影: 日野摄影
品牌: 红砖、 拉丝不锈钢、 镜面不锈钢、 镜面

Project name: Whatever Art Space
Designer: Whatever Design Office
Design year: Dec. 2018
Completion Year: Apr. 2019
Chief Designer & Design Team: Junbo Li, Wenqi Tang, Xing Gao, Yadi Fan, Hao Zheng
Project Location: 3F Loft, Building4, No.99, Pipashan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China
Gross Building Area (square meters): 42.5㎡
Photograph: Ri Ye
Brands (Products used in the project): Redbrick, Wire Drawing Stainless Steel, Minor Stainless Steel, Minor

More: Whatever Design Office(联系邮箱 | contact: whateverdesign@yeah.net

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