Weng’s house, Taiwan by 2BOOKS Space Design

Recreate impressions of space and home from childhood

Project Specs


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This project is an old apartment located in Taipei. The original layout, in terms of spatial configuration, sacrificed the space in the kitchen and dining room to meet the need for three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Thus, it was impossible to place the refrigerator in the kitchen, and it could only be placed in the dining room. However, this compressed the dining room space, and it was then not possible to place a four-person dining table in the dining room.

▼起居室,living room


In this regard, we hope to improve the problem of narrow kitchens and dining room space. Therefore, we will scale down one bedroom and allocate that space to the kitchen and dining room, making the space more flexible and allowing sufficient space in the kitchen for a refrigerator and dining table. In addition to more efficient use of the kitchen, the dining room can also fit a full-sized dining table with chairs, while the living room will have more working space.

▼起居室内工作空间,working space in the living room

▼从起居室和厨房看向餐厅,view from living room and kitchen to the dinning room

▼可以放下桌子和椅子的厨房,dining room can fit a full-sized dining table with chairs


In the execution process, in addition to solving the current problem of the unmet functional needs, we tried to focus on the preferred style of the homeowner. We discussed with the homeowner, in as much detail as possible, their impressions of space and home from their childhood. We hope to base the design of the home furnishings and environment on that which the homeowner grew up around and what feels familiar.

▼充满记忆的家居设计,design full of childhood impressions



Later, we included some elements that resonated with the elements from the homeowners’ impressions and integrated these. First, brick walls were used directly as a surface material without any modification when rebuilding the interior compartment. Second, cement floors, wall decals, and pine plywood were used to construct a familiar residential atmosphere. Finally, we also tried to reduce decorative designs as much as possible and strived to present a sense of simplicity so the materials could express our initial intentions through their own properties.

▼未经处理的砖墙,brick walls without modification

▼水泥地面、墙纸与松木胶合板,cement floors, wall decals, and pine plywood

▼简洁的卧室,bedrooms in a sense of simplicity



Project Name: Weng’s house
Design Agency: 2BOOKS Space Design
Designer: Jeff Weng
Client: Mr.Weng
Location: Taipei city, Taiwan
Area: 83㎡
Photography: moooten studio

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