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eliminating the user’s mental boundaries

Project Specs


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In  winter, under the cold wind, in the barren barren barren can still thrive. This is weed. Located in the coffee desert known as Hangzhou’s Jiubao, the shop is set in a noisy and chaotic city-well restaurant. Face several e-commerce bases in the surrounding distribution. We want her to thrive like weeds in this chaotic business atmosphere and breathe a bit of fresh life into this city.

▼入口,the entrance © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼门头展示区域,display area © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼看向室内空间,view of the interior space © 瀚墨摄影/小四


By lifting the entrance floor, we comb and unify the door head and the side wall pipe in an orderly manner, so that the three sides are nested as a whole in this angle, expanding the overall visual area of the door head. We use large white and green blocks to enhance the overall visual effect of the entrance and increase the recognisability of the door.

▼室内用餐区,dining area © 瀚墨摄影/小四


Due to the particularity of the location of the shop, in order to meet the photography needs of the surrounding crowd, we hope to break the traditional relationship between people and space. So geometric body language, easy to enhance the visual effects of the space atmosphere is the focus of our construction of this space.

▼入口边的用餐区,dinning area by the entrance © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼几何化处理的座位,design in geometric body language © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼内部座位区,seat by the wall © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼用餐区的木质家具,wooden furnitures in the area © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼金属展示架,display shelf on the wall © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼从吧台看用餐区,view of the dining space from the bar © 瀚墨摄影/小四


The load-bearing wall of the original space divides the space into two parts, in order to eliminate the user’s mental boundaries, we will re-encapsect the load-bearing wall with wooden finishes, corresponding to the combination of the bench and coffee cup holder, forming the visual center of the space.

▼室内吧台,the bar © 瀚墨摄影/小四

corresponding to the combination of the bench and coffee cup holder © 瀚墨摄影/小四


In the limited space, the use of wire stainless steel, to meet the use of space functions, improve the details of the overall space at the same time, the opposite of unity and space.

▼细部,details © 瀚墨摄影/小四

▼轴测图,axonometric © 杭州喜叻空间研究

▼平面图,plan © 杭州喜叻空间研究

▼剖面图,section © 杭州喜叻空间研究

项目名称:Weed Coffee

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