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Maillard别墅位于通往法国图尔宽市(Tourcoing)的de la Marne大道上,是该地段上的一座地标性建筑。该别墅以其建筑师的名字来命名,但长久以来并未得到人们的关注。在本项目中,设计团队对其进行了全面的翻新和扩建,从而将其变成了一个容纳着八间社会用房和一个华丽的中心花园的建筑空间。

Named after its architect, the Villa Maillard is a landmark building on Avenue de la Marne heading into the city of Tourcoing. Uncared for and neglected for a long time, the Villa Maillard is now fully renovated and expanded to host eight social housing units in the heart of a splendid garden.

▼别墅正立面,the front facade of the villa ©P BRAQUENIER


致敬建筑艺术 | A tribute to architectural artistry

在评论家们看来, Maillard别墅的原建筑已经可以称得上是一座历史建筑了,因此他们希望尽可能地保持原建筑的面貌。原建筑建于20世纪30年代,是一座诺曼系的英式建筑,自其建成之日起就格外显眼。它的外立面让人不禁联想到海滨的度假胜地,呼应了街道的历史——富裕的Greater Lille工业家族曾将住宅建造于此,极尽奢华。可以说,Maillard别墅的改造充分尊重了当年的建筑历史和时代精神。

Today regarded as a historical building by the very detractors project who wanted to leave it unchanged, the Anglo-Norman style villa was already an eccentric piece when it was built in the 1930’s. Reminiscent of a getaway destination, a faraway sea resort, it fits perfectly with the history of the boulevard where rich Greater Lille industrial families used to compete in extravagance. The transformation of the Villa Maillard is in tune with the spirit of the time marked by the construction of qualitative and fanciful houses.

▼别墅外观街景,street view of the villa ©P BRAQUENIER


了解、反思与发展 | Know-how, rethink and develop



▼新建的轻质木结构体量仿佛树枝一般,自然地从建筑框架中延伸出来,the new light wood framed extensions naturally sprang out of the frame as if branches ©P BRAQUENIER

▼新旧建筑体量在颜色上形成了鲜明的对比,the colours of the historical building contrast with the newly built extensions ©P BRAQUENIER

The careful renovation pays great attention to architectural details such as the stud work where the timber framing is filled with sloping bricks. The roof’s tangled volumes have been recreated as they were originally with a traditional frame which required great craftsmanship. The condition of the frame making it impossible to raise the structure, artisans had to redesign the volumes and imagine their assembly from the ground up.

The house’s silhouette is enhanced by a pre-weathered brownish red zinc lining perfectly adapting to the shape of the frame and covering the house all the way down to the ground floor. The colours renew with the historical building’s chromatic tones and contrast with the newly built extensions. Those light wood framed extensions are built where the old bow windows used to be, as if branches naturally sprang out of the frame. The plant-inspired envelope hosts a tree-house style loggia on the first floor.

▼新旧体量交叉处细节,details of the intersection where the original building and extensions meet ©Maxime Naveteur


Subject to image requirements at the town entrance, this program offers its residents an outstanding living environment in a somewhat gentrified neighbourhood. The housing units are bright with unconventional volumes, the common portions are neatly designed and the private gardens match the expectations of one of France’s greatest tree-lined avenues.

▼原建筑体量外墙细节,exterior wall details of the original  building ©P BRAQUENIER


保护当地的银杏树等植被 | Ginkgo resistance


▼以银杏树叶为灵感,taking the ginkgo leaves as the inspiration ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼银杏树叶状的外表皮,the facade with the pattern of ginkgo leaves ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼银杏树叶外表皮细节,drawing details of the facade of ginkgo leaves ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

Beyond its architecture, another great feature of the Villa Maillard lies in its park planted with remarkable specimens and especially a ginkgo biloba tree. Those trees are listed as part of the local heritage while the house is not and have therefore protected it from more ambitious real estate projects which would have required to cut them down. As a tribute to this natural heritage, the extensions are lined with stylish ginkgo leaves.

▼别墅与植被和谐相处,the villa stays in the harmony with the plants and trees ©P BRAQUENIER

▼新建体量外观,采用银杏树叶状的外表皮,exterior view of the extensions, which are lined with stylish ginkgo leaves ©P BRAQUENIER

▼新建体量的白色银杏树叶状的外表皮,the extensions with white facades lined with stylish ginkgo leaves ©Maxime Naveteur (left), ©P BRAQUENIER (right)

▼表皮细节,facade details ©Maxime Naveteur


室内空间 | Interior Space

▼别墅室内,三角形窗引入自然光线,interior view of the villa, triangular windows introduce the natural light ©LDK Laurent Dequick

▼厨房,the kitchen ©LDK Laurent Dequick

▼明亮的室内空间,the bright interior space ©LDK Laurent Dequick

▼室内楼梯(左),浴室(右),the interior stairs (left), the bathroom (right) ©LDK Laurent Dequick

▼总平面图,site plan ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼一层平面图,1F plan ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼二层平面图,2F plan ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼三层平面图,3F plan ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼东北立面图,northeast elevation ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼西北立面图,northwest elevation ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼剖面图AA,section AA ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

▼剖面图BB,section BB ©D’HOUNDT+BAJART architects&associates

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