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项目概述 | Project overview


Vanke·City Garden demonstration area is located in Yuelai district of Chongqing Central Park, presenting a city level neighborhood center. The concept of the neighborhood center landscape planning not only focuses on the landscape environment within the community, but also establishes connection with transport line in a larger open space to reconstruct a compact, ordered and pedestrian-friendly community, so as to make the city naturalistic and nature urbanized. Urban civilization and nature live together in harmony to enable city to function and perform effectively. Thus, “city life in the park” becomes the core concept that City Garden intends to convey.

▼项目概览,preview ©河狸摄影


The demonstration area based on the holistic planning concept presents the first phase display: begins with the “bell tower square” at the corner, 270 meters “road of woods” connects to the demonstration hall at the fourth floor of the commercial building, presenting the public real-life scenes in the future.

▼展示区鸟瞰图,aerial view of the demonstration area ©行知摄影


钟塔广场 | Bell Tower Square


As the core area of the future, the street corner area is as well the first and important public place when entering City Garden. The bell tower square wants to deliver an upward-spirit and harmonious social concept, which lightens up the temperature of the city. The design takes advantage of the natural height to isolate the noise of the city. People rest naturally under the metasequoia woods, with the bell tower as the site spiritual totem conveying resonance of life.

▼钟塔广场,Bell Tower Square ©河狸摄影

▼仰望钟塔,view up to the bell tower ©行知摄影


The bell tower at the square echoes the upward metasequoia, building up the emotional connection between people and nature at the place. As an interactive scene, the bell tower improves people’s participation. When the bell rings, the ring indicates that the beautiful life begins, which remains in the visitor’s memory.

▼夜里的钟塔和水杉林,the bell tower and the metasequoia by night ©河狸摄影


The figure statues scattered at the site talk in a primitive way about the coexistence of human and nature, using a warmer language to portray a beautiful lifestyle, allowing visitors find a place of tranquility in the city, delivering the temperature of “city life in the park”.

▼人物雕塑,figure statues ©河狸摄影


林之道 | Road of Woods


▼设计概念图,Design Concept ©A&N尚源景观

270 meters recreation road is the only way to the demonstration hall, until the cross-street overpass. Both sides of the road have 3-meters-high slate tile, together with the background of cedar and metasequoia woods. The enclosed space allows the complexity return to tranquility, with the woods as companion, washing all the attachments.

▼3米高的板岩瓦墙壁, 3-meter-high tiled walls ©河狸摄影

▼入口穿林而入,通往一座向往的生活之所,Entrance through the forest, leading to a yearning place of life ©河狸摄影


The end of the road of woods is connected with a cross-street overpass. Visitors can take the elevator and go up to the demonstration hall on the fourth floor through the overpass.

▼林之道,the road of woods ©河狸摄影


The cross-street overpass is separated from the municipal road to make pedestrians separated from vehicles and avoid mutual influence, providing an independent pedestrian walk line during the demonstration period. The overpass uses the height of the space to shield some negative sight outside to better display the beautiful natural scenes as well.

▼天桥,the overpass ©河狸摄影


The first demonstration hall is located on the fourth-floor rooftop, where you can have a panoramic view of the mountains in the distance. In the future, it will be full of the life’s beauty.

▼屋顶视角,roof top view ©行知摄影

▼建筑细节,building detailed view ©行知摄影


The significance of neighborhood center is that the place is not only mobile, but also intends to make people to live. As time goes on, the city garden project will gradually present various gravitational fields of life in the neighborhood center, and provide people with more diverse lifestyle. In short, life is long, but it is worth looking forward to.

▼平面图,plan ©A&N尚源景观

项目名称:重庆 万科·城市花园
项目设计 & 完成年份:2019.12-2020.04设计/2020.07完成

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