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新与旧 | New and old


The new shop is built within a building from the 80 ‘s, the city only allowed minor remold the appearance of the building because of the restrictions on the construction of the original building.
However, based on the commercial considerations to the client subject, we have remolding towards inside of the window, and create a space between building façade and entrance . that we pushed back 3 meters from the original entry point to create a two-story structured “Canyon”

▼街道视角,street view

▼门店外观,exterior view


▼主立面细部,facade detail



We searched for the abandoned or discarded material, a red clay brick, in the 60-80-year period surrounding the construction area. And modernized the material by building a three-dimensional distinctive canyon. From 10:00am in morning to 4-6:00pm in afternoon, the sunlight will be passing through. The traditional rectangular window of the original building is projected into the canyon, the curved canyon side wall delicately penetrates route of light, while the window of the interior wall uses a more contemporary way of segmentation, which leads the light route into store.

▼以红色粘土砖构建的三维曲面,形成一个峡谷般的空间, the abandoned red clay brick material was modernized by building a three-dimensional distinctive canyon

▼阳光通过原建筑的传统矩形窗洞投射进峡谷,the sunlight passing through the traditional rectangular window of the original building

▼“峡谷”角落,a corner of the canyon


继承与矛盾 | Inherit and Contradict


Today, our city faces a large number of old building renovation, which, in addition to being a architectural subject, but also brings interesting impacts in business. We hope that the energy generated by this collision itself attracts consumers to more rationally observe the new and old. But also understand the inheritance and contradictions. In fact, the canyon is almost a new landmark for the young people, who enjoy being here express themselves through photography.

▼仰视“峡谷”,the gap of the canyon

▼峡谷顶上悬挂着十米高的灯具,a 10-metre-high lumination fixture hanging from the ceiling of the canyon

▼光影细节,light and shadow



时尚与废墟 | Fashion and abandoned


In the canyon, we created a 10-metre-high lumination fixture that draws people’s attention to the commercial space on the second floor. The luminated end strongly emphasize the installation we have for this project: The abandoned. We collected some products from store are processed with a mixture of cement and acrylic. Soft fresh products were motley covered and hardened the became a different context, in fact, apart from the view of the “abandoned”, it also indicates to ‘ time ‘. This is a successful commercial attempt at the integration of our architecture concept and fine arts.

▼交通空间,circulation area

▼二层商业空间,the second floor

▼柜台区域,counter area

▼主展示空间,main exhibition area

▼主楼梯,main stair


▼从楼梯上俯视主厅,the exhibition area seen from the stair

▼室内细部,interior detailed view


▼红砖与金属材料和玻璃的碰撞,a contrast among the red brick, metal and glass

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼峡谷区立面图,elevation of the canyon area

▼展示区立面图,elevation of the exhibition area

Name | 项目名称
URBAN REVIVO Canyon | UR华师旗舰店 – 峡谷
Area | 项目面积
Location | 项目地点
Shanghai , China |中国上海 
Client | 项目业主
Architectural Design | 建筑设计
Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设
Interior Design | 室内设计
Ann Yu 余霖 | DOMANI 东仓建设
Installation & Exhibition | 装置与陈列
Ann Yu 余霖 | Ann & Vincent 桉和韦森
Construction Side | 施工单位

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