UNStudio’s design wins Southbank by Beulah competition

“Green Spine” – A City within a City

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Beulah International今日宣布,由UNStudio和Cox Architecture共同提交的设计方案“城市绿脊”(Green Spine)赢得了“Southbank by Beulah”的国际竞赛。这座位于墨尔本市中心、预计耗资超过20亿美元的多功能建筑将成为全澳大利亚最高的塔楼。该方案由七人评审团选出。其他的入围团队包括BIG、蓝天组、 MAD、MVRDV和OMA。

Beulah International today announced that ‘Green Spine’, the design proposal submitted by UNStudio with Cox Architecture has been selected as the winning design for their latest project, Southbank by Beulah, a more than $2 billion mixed-use tower which will be the tallest tower in Australia, located in the heart of Melbourne.The winning proposal was selected by a seven-member jury. Other shortlisted teams included BIG, Coop Himmelb(l)au, MAD, MVRDV and OMA.

▼项目概览,project overview ©Norm Li

UNStudio联合创始人兼首席建筑师Ben van Berkel说:“我们为最终能够赢得竞赛感到由衷的高兴!被Beulah这样具有前瞻性的开发商选中,同时有机会与众多优秀的同行共事,着实是一种莫大的荣誉。从一开始我们便与一个极为优秀的团队进行合作,其中包括文化项目设计者、可持续发展顾问、景观设计师、艺术家和工程师等等。我们的目标是实现一个完全一体化的设计。这一结果对于所有参与设计的人员来说都是一个极大的喜讯!”

Beulah International的执行董事Adelene Teh说:“城市绿脊是由一个强大的多学科团队共同努力而得出的成果,它提供了一个大胆而周全的方案,并充分考虑了墨尔本的城市环境。从细节上看,功能空间的规划显示出对公共设施和私人空间的充分考虑;街道层的处理手法则通过柔化南岸一贯的冷硬边界,使公共领域的品质得到了根本性的改变。”

UNStudio联合创始人Caroline Bos说:“此刻我感到万分喜悦。这是一场鼓舞人心的比赛。我想对所有建筑师、Beulah以及参与评审的各方人员表示祝贺。作为整个团队的代表,我想由衷地感谢你们对我们的信任。我们非常期待下一阶段的工作,并希望能够凭借城市绿脊为南岸乃至墨尔本的发展做出贡献。”

▼整体外观,exterior view ©Norm Li

Ben van Berkel: “We are truly delighted that our design has been selected as the winning proposal for this very exciting project! For our proposal to be selected by Beulah – such a forward-focussed developer – and from entries by such an exceptional group of our peers is a true honour. From the outset we worked with a fantastic team of cultural placemakers, sustainability consultants, landscape designers, artists and engineers to achieve a fully integrated design. This truly is a great result for everybody involved!”

Beulah International Executive Director Adelene Teh: “Green Spine showed work by a strong, multidisciplinary collaborative team that is a bold, yet thoroughly considered approach to creating a context driven landmark as an addition to Melbourne’s skyline. In its details, the scheme displays a strong intent for well-considered public and private amenity, and at street level, the proposal displays qualities that will truly transform the public realm by eroding the hard edges that is prevalent in Southbank.”

Caroline Bos: “I could not feel happier at this moment. The competition was incredibly inspiring; I would like to congratulate all architects on their fantastic designs and Beulah and all parties involved in running and judging the competition. On behalf of our whole team I would like to say a wholehearted thank you for the trust placed in us. We very much look forward to the next stages, and contributing to a better Southbank and wider Melbourne with our Green Spine.”

▼扭转的城市绿脊,Green Spine ©Norm Li



“城市绿脊” – 城中之城
“Green Spine” – A City within a City

UNStudio为Southbank by Beulah设计的方案旨在为南岸地区和墨尔本打造一个新的目的地。整个方案的中心思路是利用一道纵向的“绿脊”,将平台、露台和走廊空间连接为一个整体。

UNStudio’s design proposal for Southbank by Beulah aims to establish a new destination for the Southbank area and Melbourne. The proposal is integrally organised by one Big Detail: a ‘Green Spine’ of vertically networked platforms, terraces and verandas.

▼绿色空间的扩展,the  extended Boulevard


This multifaceted spine is created by the splitting open of the potential single mass at its core, thereby forming two separate high rise structures and causing them to reveal the almost geological strata of their core layers as they rise above a light-filled canyon. As a result of this design intervention, the towers that emerge on either side can enjoy porous city views and vastly improved contextual links, while the residences, offices and the hotel benefit from increased daylight and access to outdoor spaces. The orientation of the Green Spine further enables an extension of the public realm on the podium, the continuation of green onto the towers and facilitates orientation to the CBD and the Botanical Garden at the top of the towers.

▼体块生成过程:一个单体结构向两端分裂,massing process: the spine is created by the splitting open of the potential single mass at its core ©UNStudio


The taller of the two towers will be entirely residential and reach a height of 356.2 metres. This tower will house a publicly accessible garden at its top. The lower tower will be home to a hotel and commercial space and top out at 252.2 metres. In addition to being fully integrated within the existing Melbourne network of cultural, entertainment, leisure and commercial venues on offer, with its variety of programmes and connectivities, the design further proposes a mixed-use building that is a city in itself. A host of programmes, including recreation, retail, offices, residential, hotel and exhibition spaces are integrated into the vertically stepped public infrastructure – an infrastructure that is formed by indoor-outdoor spatial frames that embed nature, public space and culture.

▼轴测图,axon ©UNStudio


The Green Spine

Ben van Berkel表示,蜿蜒而上,布满绿植,宛如脊椎的体量,不仅仅是为了打造塔楼的扭转的造型,它还是一种建筑元素,在流畅的建筑造型中融入了许多功能。

Ben van Berkel: “In addition to providing the towers with a twisting, sculptural silhouette, the Green Spine is an architectural element that incorporates a multitude of functions in one fluid gesture.”

▼建筑如脊椎般蜿蜒而上,the towers with a twisting, sculptural silhouette ©Norm Li


The spine extends the Southbank Boulevard upwards and acts as the key organisational element of the building with respect to programme, culture, landscape and sustainability. In addition to housing a variety of amenities, all programmes are linked to the Green Spine. At ground level, this spine directly engages with Southbank Boulevard by bringing people up and into the building, thereby expanding the public realm vertically. From the public park at the top of the podium, the Spine continues to entwine itself around the two towers, where it culminates at the top of the residential tower in ‘Future Gardens’.

▼街道视角,Southbank Boulevard view ©Norm Li

▼户外平台,aerial view of the open public space ©Norm Li


Mixed-use Podium

对于Southbank by Beulah这个项目,我们的设计方案灵感来源于这样一种概念——将整座大楼的所有权共同化,对当地居民和更广泛的社区都开放。因此,我们所设计的空间,不仅是为了大楼的用户而创造的,也是为了墨尔本居民和游客而定制的。有鉴于此,大楼的底商和其公共屋顶花园。

Our design proposal for Southbank by Beulah was motivated by the concepts of togetherness joint ownership and open access for local residents and the wider community. We therefore created the space not only to be accessible and tailored to the users of the building, but also for the people of – and visitors to – Melbourne. To this end, the podium and its public rooftop park are reserved for public use.

▼底商与零售空间,Market and Podium view ©Norm Li


Within the podium a marketplace, retail and entertainment spaces and a @BMW experience centre are housed.The Marketplace Entrance is a permeable open space that invites both visitors and residents. The retail spaces have their own unique access to balconies and terraces, allowing shoppers to engage with an environment that differs from that of typical retail mall or street.The connection from ground level unfolds through stairs and platforms, leading the visitors up along the retail and entertainment programme and finally merges into the public garden at the top of the podium.

▼模型,model ©UNStudio

Client: Beulah International
UNStudio Team: Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Jan Schellhoff, Sander Versluis, Milena Stopic and Julia Gottstein, Marco Cimenti, Leon Hansmann, Perrine Planche, Olga Kovrikova, Carleigh Shannon
Competition Team:
COX, Melbourne: Executive Architect
Future City, London: Cultural Placemaking
Studio Drift, Amsterdam: Lead Artist
Atelier 10, Melbourne: Sustainability & Well-being
Grant Associates: Landscape Architects
GTA Consultants: Traffic & Accessibility
Arup, Melbourne: Engineering
Norm Li: Visualisations
For further information and press materials please contact:
Karen Murphy
+31 (0)20 570 20 40

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