The Coolest White paint installation, Israel by UNStudio

Resist the urban heat island effect with The Coolest White

Connecting Russia and China with the first ever cross border cable car – UNStudio’s design selected for the Blagoveshchensk Cable Car

To see and experience our cities in a whole new way

UNStudio designs Bangalore’s Karle Town Centre Masterplan – A new innovation tech campus for India

Using sensorial technologies throughout the masterplan to inspire the whole of India to ‘lead by example’ when designing future urban destinations

UNStudio designs a flexible spatial plan for Brainport Smart District, Netherland

The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World

UNStudio joins forces with Monopol Colors to cool down the planet with paint

“The coolest White”(videos included)

TBC Forum by UNStudio

A new open, flexible and interactive approach to financial institutions

UNStudio designs a world class theatre for dance and theatrical arts in the West Kowloon Cultural District of Hong Kong, China

Create a home for the arts and a stage for the public.

Socio-Technical City by UNStudio

An integral vision to deal with future urban growth and sustainability

V on Shenton by UNStudio

Twin tower with working, living and leisure integrated in one plot.

Scotts Tower by UNStudio

A vertical city of residential ‘neighbourhoods’ in Singapore