United Cycling LAB & Store by Johannes Torpe Studios

Futuristic dream universe for the pro-tour bicycles from Argon 18

Project Specs


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漂浮在半空中的自行车、接近6米的天花板高度、发光的展示柜,以及带来无限幻象的镜面玻璃——这些元素共同为这间高端自行车展厅赋予了与众不同的观感和体验。项目的创意总监Johannes Torpe表示:“该项目是为敢于做梦的人而设计。”

Bicycles floating in the air, a ceiling height of almost 6 meters, illuminated display furniture and mirrored glass that gives the illusion of infinity are just some of the effects that makes a new showroom for high-end bicycles an extraordinary experience. “This project is an invitation to dare to dream big”, says Creative Director Johannes Torpe.

▼门店概览,interior overview ©Alastair Philip Wiper

▼升降架使自行车漂浮在半空中,bicycles floating in the air ©Peter Larsen, LRSNStudio

©Alastair Philip Wiper

▼发光的展柜,illuminated display furniture ©Alastair Philip Wiper

▼展示区域细部,show room detailed view ©Alastair Philip Wiper

在12个月多一点的时间里,Johannes Torpe Studios成功地将一栋沉闷的1990年代的工业建筑转变为一座闪闪发光的、属于骑行爱好者们的圣殿。设计团队以“产品的力量”为核心,构建了一个能够鼓励学习和创新的零售空间。Johannes Torpe说:“我们的客户所出售的是全球最先进的几款自行车,其中包括奥运会的比赛用车。我们希望通过这次设计来突显自行车背后的工程技术,以及它们所代表的一种梦想。为此,我们将自行车展示在一个充满未来感的“太空”环境当中,以强调它们的力量和地位。

In a little over 12 months Johannes Torpe Studios have succeeded in transforming a dull industrial building from the 1990s into a gleaming cathedral for the science of cycling. With “the power of the product” as the mantra, the design team has created a retail space that fosters knowledge, learning and innovation. Johannes Torpe says: “Our client sell some of the most advanced bicycles in the world. Athletes win Olympic medals on them. With our design we have tried to highlight the engineering and dreams the bikes represent. By staging the bicycles in a futuristic, minimalistic and etheric universe their power and sovereignty is emphasised.”

▼灯光效果,lighting effect ©Peter Larsen, LRSNStudio

▼镜面玻璃带来无限的空间感受,mirrored glass gives the illusion of infinity ©Alastair Philip Wiper

▼从展示区望向工作坊,workshop seen from the show room ©Alastair Philip Wiper

United Cycling的店主Henrik Lyngbye Pedersen表示:“我成长在一个鼓励梦想、珍视集体的文化环境中,这使得United Cycling自然而然地与Johannes Torpe达成了合作。我们的目标是为Argon 18自行车在欧洲创造一个全新且充满活力的展示平台。”

Henrik Lyngbye Pedersen, owner of United Cycling, says: “I come from a culture where dreaming is encouraged and community and togetherness is precious. For those reasons it was natural for United Cycling to partner with Johannes Torpe on the journey to create a new and vibrant platform for Argon 18-bicycles in Europe.”

▼陈列架细部,detailed views ©Alastair Philip Wiper

“我们设计的这间店铺能够促使人们摆脱懒惰和偏执,同时激发热情和奉献精神。在今天,一家成功的零售店必须能够为顾客提供优质的体验,并且带来充分的集体感和归属感。”Johannes Torpe补充道,“该项目正是这一理念的成果所在。”人们将在United Cycling实验店中获得实现梦想的机会。

Johannes Torpe says: “We have designed a store, where passion and dedication can thrive. It encourages you to nerd out. The store is also a result of our client’s realisation that today a store has to offer an experience and provide a sense of community and belonging.” The dreams can be materialised at United Cycling LAB & Store in Lynge, Denmark.

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan



Client: United Cycling
Location: Lynge, Denmark
Year: 2018
Services: Retail Design & HQ Facility
Creative Director: Johannes Torpe
Project Leader: Kit Sand Ottsen
Design Team: Karolina Pajnowska, Rachel Jayne Mackay, Suguru Kobayashi, Allan Sejer, Allan Kruse
Area: 1650 m2
Exterior: Perforated white lacquered aluminum plates, Concrete tiles, Wooden lamellas
Interior: Oak, Raw and Black steel, Concrete, Ultra-clear and Re ecting glass, Aluminium, Linoleum, Barrisol
Suppliers: Construction drawings and on site construction management in collaboration with Heede Consult.
Automation solution by Sensa A/S
Barrisol ceiling by Lumiére Stretch Ceiling
Photographer: Alastair Philip Wiper
Videographer: Peter Larsen, LRSNStudio

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