Bad Lab Beer Co by Studio Richard Lindvall

An industrial minimalistic brewpub in the heart of New Hampshire

Project Specs

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My client wanted to steer away from the typical American brewpubs and create a restaurant and bar that would be a unique community gathering space where guests can interact with the bar and kitchen. The already existing industrial building came with elements like concrete flooring, a black industrial ceiling and windows with black steel frames. I wanted to build around the original details only adding a few other materials to accentuate and compliment the simple and industrial feeling of the space.

▼从厨房看向酒吧,view from the kitchen towards the bar


This meant that I needed to be creative in what materials to use and how to use them. The goal was to create a framework where the beer together with the fresh food and the people interacting would be the main event. A minimalistic living room where everyone is mingled together. The open restaurant kitchen was turned into a raw element connecting the stainless-steel brewery tanks visible through a glass separating the brewery from the brewpub. I decided go all in stainless steel and designed the whole kitchen in this material. When the sun comes through the windows and reflects on the kitchen it makes the steel warm and throughout the day it gives different effects depending on how light travels.

▼不锈钢材质的厨房,kitchen in stainless steel

▼厨房一角可作为外卖区使用,两个不锈钢的操作台带来轻盈的观感,A part of the kitchen that also functions as take away area. The two stainless steel counters where lifted a few cm from the floor to create a lighter impression


To divide the dining area from the high seating area assigned for beer tasting, a 10-meter-long concrete counter was moulded on spot. The side facing the dining area functions as a sofa while the opposite is for storage. Concrete is also used for the bar top, two large community tables and a lounge table. Another existing material was black steel and I wanted to find creative ways to use this material. One idea that came up was to place three large industrial fans on the front of the hood, and together with the black chairs and table stands it connects the black industrial ceiling with the floor.

▼三个大型风扇通过黑色的桌椅将地面和工业风格的天花板从视觉上连接起来,three industrial fans, together with the black chairs and table stands, connect the black industrial ceiling with the floor

▼透过玻璃窗望向酿酒桶,the brewery tanks seen through the glass window

▼悬挂在混凝土吧台上方的Roll & Hill吊灯与天花板的线条形成呼应,close up at the pendant lamp from Roll & Hill. It is placed above the concrete counter and becomes a graphic element matching the lines in the ceiling


I used light gray Valchromat for the table tops and cabinet fronts. I chose the material because of its high density and since it can be treated to match the concrete. The monochrome space needed some color and warmth. Since brown beer bottles are displayed around the restaurant I continued in this direction with dark brown leather for the sofa, and various decorative objects like tree branches.

▼褐色啤酒瓶与灰色混凝土形成对比,brown beer bottles in contrast to the concrete

▼不锈钢酿酒设备细部,close up of the brewery equipment in stainless steel


Conveniently located an hour north of Boston and just minutes from historic Portsmouth NH, in historic Somersworth New Hampshire.
Address: 460 High Street, Somersworth NH, 03878, USA
Telephone number: (603) 842-5822 Website:
Chef: Jeremy Gearty Brewer: Brett Lister
General Manager: Evan Eppler

More:Studio Richard Lindvall。更多关于他们:Studio Richard Lindvall on gooood

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