JJ Apartment by Carlos Segarra Arquitectos​

Create a warm atmosphere of home through rustic materials.

Project Specs


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For this project we opt for simple decisions that help us to improve the spatial understanding of the home. Taking advantage of the typical typology of this kind of neighborhood of the city of Valencia, we decided to organize the distribution in the light yard of the building, benefiting from the fact that the house has facade in two different streets.

▼公寓室内,光井带来柔和而充足的光照,apartment filled with soft light from the light yard


Therefore, we have placed the most important spaces of the home in each of the extremes, maximizing its surface and trying that each of them can encompass different uses.

▼开敞的起居空间,open living space

▼餐厅,dining space

▼餐厅细部,木材给人以温馨的感觉,details of the dining space, providing a warm feeling with the wooden palette

▼开放厨房,open kitchen

▼连接卧室的走道,corridor connected to the bedroom



On the other hand, for this project we have had the opportunity to experiment with more rustic finishes, trying the house to obtain its own character and identity, which together with an outstanding set of geometries give the design a personality that at times can evoke the old mediterranean architecture.

▼粗糙的材料和几何形状构件成为空间里的特征,rustic finishing and geometric designed components become the space edentity



The combination of pleasant finishes with the characteristic warmth of wood, allows us to generate a very warm atmosphere where is transmitted the feeling of home.


Project Name: JJ Apartment
Architecture: Carlos Segarra Arquitectos​​
E-mail contact office: csegarra@cscarq.com
Lead Architects: Carlos Segarra
Location: Valencia, Spain
Year Construction: 2018
Constructed area: (m2) 105
Photographer: David Zarzoso

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