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Two 8(贰8)位于广州海珠区润汇广场2楼。食物酒水的高性价比以及DJ音乐的国际化,给予了我们设计团队灵感。但同时项目地位于商场2楼较隐蔽区域,又给予设计较大的难度与挑战。

Two 8 restaurant is located at 2 floor, Runhui Plaza, Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou. The high cost of food and drink and the internationalization of DJ music have inspired our design team. But at the same time, the project is located in the 2 floor of the mall, which is more concealed.


设计取“粟”作为我们灵感的开端,粟既可食、也可酿。既是对餐文化的表达,也是对酒文化的一种自我理解,也是对品牌餐吧经营模式的一种体谅。“自视沧海一粟,自要积粟归仓” 既保持各自个性,又聚为一体,积于其仓。设计团队通过取其“粟“之形态,结合品牌“8”之线条,演变成现型空间的线条隐含。

The design of “millet” is the beginning of our inspiration. Millet can be eaten and brewed. It is not only the expression of meal culture, but also a kind of self understanding of wine culture.It is also a kind of understanding of the business model of brand food bar.”To look at the drop in the ocean, to accumulate grain and return to the storehouse”, should not only maintain their individuality, but also integrate into one. The design team evolved the line implication of the current space by taking the form of “millet” and combining the brand “8” line.

▼餐饮区域,Dinning area


The design team uses metal nets, art chandeliers and curtains for space intervals to maximize the permeability of the space, but it does not lose the relative independence of the dining environment.



The design team retreats and sets up a viewing balcony on the basis of the original function plane. Maximize the use of the project’s street windows, increase brand awareness, to solve the original space full closed space status.

▼夜间效果,Night view

▼入口留影区,Enter area

艺术品由艺术家ZHAO RU LEE创作完成,取名“粟园”。

The artwork in the photo gallery was created by artist ZHAO RU LEE, named “millet garden”.


地址:润汇广场2楼,广州, 广东,中国

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