GANG YI Rosewood Furniture Experience Hall,China by RMA

Contradiction and unity of tradition and modernity

Project Specs


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We thinking through inherit tradition and contemporary context, and the contradiction and unification were teased out: the vivid design vocabulary and multiple perspectives guide the construction of all this.



The project consists of independent individual buildings,it retains the city texture and rigid geometrical morphology,the irregular geometries are created by the unexpected line and surface are folding of architectural forms.The perspective after the transition will be infinitely extended ,due to the different interface cutting methods,the heaven and earth seem to become part of the building itself, it may be blue, green or grey, and collided with the outdoor environment violently, this creates a unique contrast that greatly enhances the recognition of the building and the surrounding environment.

▼建筑外观,Exterior view


The vivid and guided large ladder is hidden in the entrance between the crevices of the building block,but it’s obvious.The pool is set below the facade of the transparent glass,the reference to the water element adds natural pleasure to the composition of the building,and then combines the liveliness of indoor and outdoor.The breeze blows and the water surface ripples,the vibrant water wave reflected in the ceiling,the reflection of the building is on the surface of the water when they are under the sunlight, the natural fresh air flows in every corner of the room, giving people a feeling of peace and tranquility,which makes the space vitally and interesting.

▼入口楼梯,Entrance stairs

▼入口,The entrance


When people start to flee“standard, eternal, pure,”when the utopia temple collapsed against it,the visual field will be attracted by the physical state of chaos.We think about how to create energy in highly intertwined systems urgently.Every place is like a new encounter, clean and neat but also intriguing,it presents a varied spatial order with subtle details.It is an unpredictable walk and will seek more possibilities in the unknown.

▼玻璃立面与水池,The pool is set below the facade of the transparent glass

▼建筑与室外环境的碰撞,The building colliding with the outdoor environment


The multi-dimensional architecture reforms the way of people think and behave.In the space of the interior, it expands with the architectural inclination element,and the internal space is connected in series to facilitate people to experience space at different angles and facilitate the transportation of large-scale exhibits.This successfully broke through the compactness of design and life, while also satisfying people’s imagination of aesthetics.

▼建筑倾斜元素,The architectural inclination element

我们细细考虑对于空间和时间的截取,营造完整的视觉体验。不规则的三角形几何体由轧花不锈钢拼接而成,材料表面的处理, 通过天气环境的变化建筑表皮也随之变化,材料的特性在不同的角度呈现不同的反射,也就是当代语汇的多样性。以人与空间的尺度来讲建筑能使我们更清楚设计的意愿。随人的走动建筑的形体及反射都在产生变化,在不寻常的集合矩阵中发挥作用,保护自然力量对空间的参与,让“人”也能活真正成为空间灵活的局部构件,形成轻与重、动与静的不同维度多样性。

We consider the interception of space and time carefully, and strive to create a complete visual experience. This irregular triangular geometry is made of rolled stainless steel,and the surface of the material is treated so that when the weather changes, the building skin will automatically change.Because of the material’s characteristics, it will show different reflection effect at different angles,this is the diversity of contemporary vocabulary. According to the scale of people and space, architecture can make us more clearly the willingness to design. As people move around,the building’s form and reflection show different changes. It plays an important role in the unusual collection matrix and protects the participation of natural forces in space.This allows “humans” to live and become truly flexible and local components,then form different dimension diversity in light and heavy, moving and static.

▼外观细部,exterior detailed view


The two large atriums are at the top ,which let outdoor light into the room, lights and time are contested and change rapidly.the courtyard is a display of “landscape shifting” through traditional cognitive methods, this allows space to be extended, and the space of the courtyard reserved by designers has been improved in terms of lighting and ventilation. Designers use transparent materials to shows the positiveness of outdoor to indoor top-down, making us more sensitive to everything around us, we need to be kind to the energy given by nature, and we must look at the fundamental relationship between architecture, interior and people from a more macro perspective, and designers using simple techniques to interpret the interesting space with diversity, dynamic life will make the silent building move.

▼天井,The courtyard

▼建筑形态变化过程,Changing Process Of Architecture Form

▼建筑外观模拟,Architecture Appearance Simulation

▼建筑空间模型,Architectural Space Model

▼框架结构&外立面解剖,Frame Structure & External Facade Anatomy

▼功能分区,Functional Partition

▼项目区位,Project Location

▼建筑平面,Architecture Plane


Name | 项目名称:
GANG YI Rosewood Furniture Experience Hall | 刚艺红木家具体验馆
Location | 项目地点:Shunde , China | 中国 顺德
Design Time | 设计时间:August 2012 | 二零一二年 八月
Completion Time | 竣工时间:September 2016 | 二零一六年九月
Project Type | 项目类型:Architecture | 建筑
Design Area | 设计面积:7400m² | 七千四百平方米
Interior Design | 主案设计:Ray Wong 黄永才 、 LC 蔡立东 | 共和都市
Interior Design Team | 设计团队:王文杰、王艳玲、陈楚欣、马衍浩、王润维、李杉杉、梁艳雯 | 共和都市
Photography | 摄影:Kaijian Lee 李开建、Jack Qin 覃昭量 | 共和都市

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