TSUEN Designer Brand Collection Store, China by Youtian Architectural Design Engineering

Appearance level is justice. Good design is productivity

Project Specs


非常感谢 有田建筑空间设计(联系方式:21521735@qq.com) 对gooood的分享。
Appreciation towards Youtian Architectural Design Engineering (contact: 21521735@qq.com) for providing the following description:


▼内部主要展示区概览,over view of the main display area

Style actually wears simple and comfortable pay attention to clipping. Niche modern yet feminine clothing is in line with consumer demand segmentation clothing brands.UTIEN team will blend TSUEN clothing brand concept into it to create space.

▼彩色玻璃的入口开放展示区,open display area with colourful glass at the entrance


Multi-function bar is both water bar and cashier function. The clean lines echo the design of jewelry block combination. The space is clean, bright, limpid and full.

▼收银吧台及附近展示区域,cashier bar and the display area

▼多功能吧台线条清朗利落,呼应饰品区体块组合设计,the clean line of the multi-function bar echoes the jewelry block


▼店铺后部展示区,display area at the back

▼空间灰粉色地面叠加枫叶红色大理石,grey pink floor overlay maple-leaf red marble

Both to ensure the display of different theme products and want to satisfy the visual sense of consumer again comfortable and cheerful.
Based on this combination, simple design and professional functional zoning in accordance with symbiosis, grey pink floor overlay maple leaf red marble, different scenes interlaced rich series through coral orange, which is naturally warm, is in the interactive space creating touch and communication.

▼天性热情的珊瑚橘色在互动式空间里引发触感与交流,coral orange which is naturally warm, is in the interactive space creating touch and communication

▼长条大理石与空间前方的圆桌呼应,long marble bar echo the front round table

▼垂直片状玻璃与水平桌子细节,vertical glass and horizontal bar


Diversified thoughts, cultural aesthetics and space design collide and blend bring a new visual experience to this spring and summer. Consumers are increasingly willing to pay for a piece of designer clothing. Appearance level is justice. Good design is productivity.

▼试衣间,dressing room

▼展示空间细节,space detail


项目地址:辽宁 沈阳
设计材料:大理石 不锈钢 玻璃
摄 影:图派影像 钟永刚
Project address: shenyang, liaoning province
Project name: TSUEN designer brand collection store
The project area: 185 ㎡
Completion date: January 2019
Design company: youtian architectural design engineering co., LTD
Designer: Tian Ran
Design team: Chang Ning、Li Saisai、Xie Yahan、 Yang Bingbing
Design material: marble, stainless steel glass
Photo: graphic image by Zhong Yonggang

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