1949 Office Space, China by Youtian Architectural Space Design co. LTD

It looks cold, actually enthusiastic

Project Specs


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“Work is the value of life, the joy of life, is the place of happiness” – Rodin

▼办公空间概览,project overview


The change of The Times reflects the change in design, focusing on communication and inner heart. The office is more than just a place to work. It’s an eight-hour day. 1949 is a Shared work space concept design, open, flexible space focused on stimulating more imagination possible, to promote effective communication between team members, the atmosphere between the strengthening.

▼空间细节,interior detailed view


By blurring the terms cubicle, workstation, and conference room, the user can change the location of mobile office equipment as needed. Not too much formalized stuff, not cramped, not limited.The most basic line structure is vertical and horizontal space, replacing the wall with a large area of transparent glass, stripping and exposing the original form of smallpox, concrete ground and wood quality friendly splicing, pure office space with black and white tone open, no sense of distance, both personality and practicality. Mottled rust steel brings incredible power and artistry to the space with a humble gesture.

▼旋转式透明玻璃板取代了隔墙, the partition walls are replaced with a large glass wall system

▼黑白调的纯粹办公场所开敞且无距离感,the open and flexible working space with a palette of black and white

▼办公空间细部,working area detailed view

▼从入口望向工作区,view to the office from the entrance


Books and collections are collected in an array, not limited to the diversified experience concentrated in the interior space, but more to become the space carrier for users to find the inner beauty.

▼书架和收纳区,bookshelf and storage

▼入口区域细部,entrance area detailed view


Open and closed interweave with each other, users have absolute autonomy of their own station, to maintain an independent space of thinking. Moving line design creates the opportunity of overlapping and interworking for different departments. The light changes subtly as the sun shifts. Where the light stays, there is the best place.

▼入口走廊,entry way


“By nature, everyone is an artist, and wherever he is, he wants to bring beauty into his life,” gorky says of the art of spontaneity and grace.

▼线性灯具,the linear light


项目名称:1949 办公空间
项目地址:辽宁 沈阳
设计团队:常宁 马帅
设计材料:地板 黑色玻璃 大理石
摄 影:图派影像 钟永刚

Project name: 1949 office space
Project address: shenyang, liaoning province
The project area: 255 ㎡
Completion date: 2019
Design company: youtian architectural space design co. LTD
Designer: tian ran
Design team: Chang ning 、 Ma Shuai
Design materials:Floor Black glass marble
Photo: graphic image by Zhong Yonggang

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