Tianjin Hemei Infant International Kindergarten, China by DIKA Kindergarten Design Center

The “growth of all things” between fantasy and reality

Project Specs


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▼幼儿园外观局部,partial exterior view of the kindergarten ©侯博文


Before Renovation

此园所是基于现有的建筑物改造而成,由一个进出口贸易中心改造而来 —— 拥有清晰的规划结构,简单的建筑外观,起初处于废墟状态。 经过漫长的实地勘察、测绘,等诸多信息,我们试图呈现打破边界,将自然的元素以一种非自然的形式表达,尝试寻找关于此幼儿园的无限可能。

This park is based on the existing buildings and is transformed by an import and export trade center. It has a clear planning structure, a simple architectural appearance, and was initially in a state of ruins. After a long field survey, surveying and mapping, and many other information, we tried to present the breaking of boundaries, express natural elements in an unnatural form, and try to find infinite possibilities for this kindergarten.

▼施工前场地状况,the site conditions before renovation ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心


Space Regeneration


▼项目区位图,the location map ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

▼项目位置关系图,project location analysis ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

Hemei Infant International Kindergarten-North Central Park is located at the intersection of West Ring Road and Jiuyuan West Road in Zhongbei Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin. The construction area of the park is 15,000 square meters, and the outdoor venue is 9,000 square meters. It is currently the largest international kindergarten in Tianjin.

▼概念分析,concept analysis diagram ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心


Project Overview

虽然整个幼儿园室外只使用了三种颜色 — 蓝、黄、橙,但强烈的色彩对比和形状冲突,让幼儿园布局显得设计概念感十足。此幼儿园室外的设计更是一场生活态度与艺术的邂逅,用无限想象力创造了一个无尽的空间。透过光影艺术表现对于美的无限幻想和无尽的创造之美。

Although only three colors—blue, yellow, and orange—are used outside the kindergarten, the strong color contrast and shape conflicts make the layout of the kindergarten seem full of design concepts. The outdoor design of this kindergarten is a encounter between life attitude and art, creating an endless space surrounded by infinite imagination. Through the art of light and shadow, the infinite fantasy of beauty and the beauty of endless creation are expressed.

▼幼儿园鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the kindergarten ©侯博文

▼鸟瞰局部,整个幼儿园室外只使用了蓝、黄、橙三种颜色,partial bird-eye’s view, only three colors—blue, yellow, and orange—are used outside the kindergarten ©侯博文

▼儿童户外游乐区,强烈的形状冲突让幼儿园布局显得设计概念感十足,the outdoor playing area, the strong shape conflicts make the layout of the kindergarten seem full of design concepts ©侯博文

▼室外空间局部,一个承载着孩子们艺术愿景的空间,partial view of the outdoor playing area, it is a space surrounded by art and infinite imagination ©侯博文


Facade Entrance Area


The overall planning of the training building is designed by designing a linear design with a calm atmosphere and a very layered sense. The eye-catching iconic outline is divided by this volume to divide the functional area of this space. The way of giving way to space is a progressive and transformational level of change.

▼建筑立面,the building facade ©侯博文


Building side appearance


Each window represents a dream. The architectural shape of this kindergarten, through the layout of large and small windows, allows all kinds of sunlight to penetrate through the windows, and echoes the shape design of the sun in the hall. When you stand on the top of the building and overlook, architecture, humanities, nature, and irregularly deformed areas are presented, separated and closely related to each other. This is also a spiritual habitat for children.

▼建筑侧外观,设置着一系列大大小小的、高高低低的窗子,the building side appearance with the layout of large and small windows ©侯博文


Entrance Atrium

▼接待中庭区,the reception hall at the entrance ©侯博文

▼入口儿童游戏区,children’s playing area at the entrance ©侯博文


Inside and outside


Transparency and translucency blur the indoor and outdoor boundaries, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces of the kindergarten blend into dialogue.

▼透明的天窗模糊室内外边界,the transparent skylight blurs the indoor and outdoor boundaries ©侯博文

▼室内走廊,the interior corridors ©侯博文


The kindergarten and the small things of nature are gathered together, and the simple and rustic wooden materials mean to return to the theme of nature. Returning to the origin of all colors and starting from the heart, we use colorless colors to explore the most primitive charm of kindergartens, to the purest.

▼儿童运动游戏区,采用简单质朴的木质材料,children sports playing area with the simple and rustic wooden materials ©侯博文

▼儿童运动游戏区,设有阶梯式休息空间,children sports playing area with stepped rest area ©侯博文

▼大型游戏装置,将幼儿园与自然美好的小事物集结在一起,the playing installation, the kindergarten and the small things of nature are gathered together ©侯博文

▼音乐教室,the music room ©侯博文

▼舞蹈教室,the dance room ©侯博文

▼绘本体验区,the picture book experience room ©侯博文


Abandoned the former nursery in common gorgeous color, mainly white tone, a little green plants as a decoration, reveals a faint breath of spring, the clean and pure space to give vent unlimited field of vision and imagination.

▼廊道,以白色为主基调,少许绿植作点缀,the corridor space, with mainly white tone, a little green plants as a decoration ©侯博文


The park planting system can also be called a lesson taught to children by the school. This area is still very good decoration. During the year, the planting area will change dramatically with the seasons, plant selection and growth cycle.

▼园区种植系统,the park planting system ©侯博文

▼设计生成,conceive outline ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

▼室外空间布局图,outdoor space layout ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

▼一层空间布局图,1F layout ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

▼二层空间布局图,2F layout ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

▼三层空间布局图,3F layout ©迪卡幼儿园设计中心

项目设计 & 完成年份:2018

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