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Be light and carefree, say farewell to the burden

Project Specs


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Renovation project for a standard apartment from 1930s and change of its designation purpose to a recreational object – healthy nutrition cafe Bowl.

▼咖啡馆外貌,cafe appearance © Lesha Yanchenkov



▼入口区域,entrance area © Lesha Yanchenkov

▼内部空间概览,interior overview © Lesha Yanchenkov

▼吧台,bar © Lesha Yanchenkov

▼休息用餐区域,the dining and relaxation area © Lesha Yanchenkov

▼金属网结构座椅,metal mesh seats © Lesha Yanchenkov

▼走廊和洗手池,hallway and sink © Lesha Yanchenkov

Change in the functionality of the object directly influences forming of both recreational and meal zones. In order to challenge post-soviet system stereotypes, common ergonomic space was created by merging zones for eating and for relaxation. Primary design forming feature of the project is a metal net construction that is also functioning as dining place of the cafe. Transparency of this construction does not overload the space and also successfully combines with the idea of a healthy nutrition that should not overload guests stomach.

▼天花板细部,ceiling details © Polina Podobedova

▼大理石装饰,the marble ornament © Polina Podobedova

▼金属结构座位细部,details of the metal structure seat © Polina Podobedova

▼金属网格桌椅细部,details of the metal structure table and chair © Polina Podobedova

▼健康的餐饮,healthy food © Polina Podobedova

Project name:Bowl




Size:48 sq.m.

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