Tianjin Binhai Exploratorium, China by Bernard Tschumi Architects

Large-scale museum composed of a series of cones.

Project Specs


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Construction has been completed on the Tianjin Binhai Exploratorium, a 33,000-square-meter (355,200-square-foot) museum structure in Tianjin, China. Designed in 2013-2014, the Exploratorium is set to open in Fall 2019. The Exploratorium will showcase artifacts from Tianjin’s industrial past through large-scale contemporary technology, including spectacular rockets for space research. The project is part of the city’s Binhai Cultural Center and contains facilities for cultural events and exhibitions as well as galleries, offices, and restaurant and retail spaces.

▼项目外观,external view of the building

Bernard Tschumi建筑事务所在博物馆的设计中考虑到了当地丰富的工业历史,并从基地中原有的巨型生产和研究机构中汲取灵感。一系列巨大的椎体形成了贯穿博物馆的主要空间。顶部采光的中央椎体连接三层空间,一条螺旋坡道由地面缓缓升至顶层,通过重新阐释古老的工业原型,为人们带来了现代垂直城市的独特空间体验。游客可以漫步于屋顶上,欣赏惊人的城市景观。

Bernard Tschumi Architects designed the Exploratorium to relate to the rich industrial history of the area, the site of high-volume manufacturing and research. A series of large-scale cones creates major rooms throughout the museum. The central cone, lit from above, connects all three levels of the Exploratorium. A spiraling ramp ascends to the top level, offering an unusual spatial experience of the modern vertical city by reinterpreting an ancient industrial typology. The roof is accessible to visitors and acts as a promenade with striking views over the surrounding city.


“这座探索博物馆不仅代表了天津的过去,还体现了它的现在和未来。”Bernard Tschumi评价道。

“The Exploratorium is designed as a building for the past, the present, and the future of Tianjin,” says Bernard Tschumi.

▼建筑由一系列椎体构成,the project is composed of a series of cones

▼穿孔铝板统一建筑外观,perforated aluminum panels unified the appearance of the building

▼立面细部,details of the facade


The focal point of the exhibition complex is the grand lobby or cone that provides access to all public parts of the program. This immense cone—almost double the height of the Guggenheim Museum— connects to all surrounding spaces and allows visitors to spiral through the large exhibition halls stacked on each end of the building, past view portholes and light wells that give each hall an individual character and configuration. Grand, triple-height spaces define the main circulation, while a constellation of lights and circular light wells give the space an other-worldly feel. The perforated aluminum facade gives a unified presence to the building, despite its large size and the disparate elements of the program.

▼巨大的中央椎体,the grand central cone

▼顶部天窗引入均匀的自然光线,even natural light through the skylight

▼坡道一直延伸到顶层,the ramp spirals to the top level


The cones provide even, natural light to gallery spaces and reduce the energy loads required for artificial lighting. Their tapered forms also concentrate warm air, which can then be channeled out of the building in summer or back into the galleries in winter. Glazing surfaces are minimized except when desired for program. The perforated metal panels of the facade help reduce heat gain. The central, large atrium acts as a solar chimney, drawing up hot air and replacing it with cool air from below in a constant airstream.

▼锥形展厅,cone-shaped exhibition halls

博物馆由Bernard Tschumi建筑事务所和天津城市规划设计院合作设计完成。这是事务所在中国的第一个大尺度项目。gmpgmp on gooood)负责滨海文化中心的总体规划,其中包括一个由 MVRDVMVRDV on gooood)设计的图书馆(点击这里查看更多)。

The Exploratorium has been designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects in collaboration with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI). It is the office’s first large-scale, built architectural project in China. The Binhai Cultural Center master plan was prepared by gmp (gmp on gooood)  and includes a library (click HERE to view more) designed by MVRDV (MVRDV on gooood).

▼设计概念草图,design concept


Project Name: Tianjin Binhai Exploratorium
Design: Bernard Tschumi Architects
Schedule: commission|2013, completion|2019
Lcation: Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
Size: 355,200 sq. feet (33,000 sq. meters)
Client: Tianjin Binhai Municipality
Lead Designer: Bernard Tschumi
Key personnel: Joel Rutten, Nianlai Zhong, Christopher Lee, Pierre-Yves Kuhn, Jerome Haferd, Bart-Jan Polman, Dora Felekou, Pedro Camara, Shayi Liang, Nate Oppenheim, Kate Scott, Clinton Peterson, Olga Jitariouk, Sung Yu
Local Architects and Engineers: Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute (TUPDI)
Photographer: Kris Provoost

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