The Renovation of Tianbao Cave District of Erlang Town, China by Jiakun Architects

Sediment and floating, the project is interwoven in two characteristics

Project Specs


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The project site is located in Erlang Town, Gulin County in Luzhou City, next to Chishui River basin that is naturally perfect for making good liquors. It is in the middle part of the cliff under Tianbao Peak. There are Tianbao Cave, Dibao Cave and Renhe Cave, which are the largest natural liquor-storage caves in the world.

▼项目概览,preview ©家琨建筑

▼鸟瞰,aerial view ©家琨建筑



“亭台楼阁” | Pavilion


Extract the classic image of “Pavilion” from the Chinese classical architecture as the prototype. Utilize the contemporary technique to express traditional connotation, echoing the brand culture of Lang.

▼草图,sketch ©家琨建筑


“泛博物馆” | Pan Museum


The project adopts the strategy of literary narration to organize the content of multiple spatial function nodes, which creates a continuous spatial scenario. The circulation focuses on the arrangement of rhythm. According to the location, height difference and modality of the site, the space of light and shade, opening and closing, loose and tight, twists and turns are thoughtfully organized to enrich visitors’ experience.

▼效果图,rendering ©家琨建筑


The Overall Layout


The site was originally the production area of Lang liquor, which has been one of the leading Chinese liquors for centuries. The new buildings replace the old ones with poor conditions and connect the reserved buildings scattered among the mountains in a circular loop.

▼总体布局,the overall layout ©家琨建筑



入口花架 | Entrance Pergola


Composed bamboo and steel together construct a sixty-meter-long green tunnel, giving people a strong sense of space. The heliophilous trigonometry climbs as time goes by, swaying the shadow.

▼花架夜景,night view of entrance pergola ©家琨建筑


接待厅 | The Reception Lounge


The weathering steel pavilion cantilevers on the foundation bed that visitors are able to overlook the natural beauty. The interior of the foundation bed is a reception hall. The long horizontal window facing the Chishui River provides a photo frame of distant mountains.

▼接待厅剖面,section of Reception Lounge ©家琨建筑

▼入口道路处看接待厅 ,view from the entrance ©家琨建筑

▼接待厅屋顶花园,the roof garden of the reception hall ©家琨建筑

▼接待厅室内,interior view ©家琨建筑

▼面向赤水河一侧的17米水平长窗 ,the 17-meter-long horizontal window facing Chishui River ©家琨建筑


诗酒院 | Poetic Liquor Yard


The Poetic Liquor Yard demonstrates famous quotes about Chinese liquors. The three sides of the overhanging corridor are enclosed, surrounded by the mirror-like water.

▼诗酒院剖面,section of Poetic Liquor Yard ©家琨建筑

▼树木掩映下的诗酒院,Poetic Liquor Yard surrounded by greenery ©家琨建筑

▼静谧的诗酒院,the Poetic Liquor Yard in a tranquil atmosphere ©家琨建筑

▼如镜水面,the mirror-like pool ©家琨建筑


树院 | The Tree Yard


▼树院剖面,section of the Tree Yard ©家琨建筑

Walk through the plank road in the woods and enter into the Tree Yard. The Tree Yard has low space with a suspending roof. Windows are designed when there are trees, allowing the sun to draw a mosaic of light on the ground. The panoramic projection on the surrounding walls presenting the liquor-making scene.

▼树院屋面形式,the rooftop  ©家琨建筑

▼树院内两侧墙面全景投影,营造沉浸式体验,the panoramic projection of the walls on both sides creates an immersive experience ©家琨建筑

▼树和天窗细节,the tree stretching to the skylight ©家琨建筑


酒阵展厅 | Exhibition Hall of Lang


▼酒阵展厅和树院剖面,section of the Exhibition Hall of Lang and the Tree Yard ©家琨建筑

Following the Tree Yard, visitors will arrive at the Exhibition Hall of Lang. Full height racks are arranged on both sides. Mirrors are installed on the ceiling and the ground, applying the sense of “limitlessness” through multiple reflections.

▼天花和地面设置镜面,无限延伸空间,mirrors on the ceiling and floor give the the sense of “limitlessness” ©家琨建筑

▼架起步道营造漂浮感,the lifted path provides the feeling of levitation ©家琨建筑


勾调体验区 | Blending Experience Area


Move along the corridor to reach the blending experience area. Under the concrete arched beams, there are scattered individual blending experience rooms.

▼勾调体验区、品酒阁以及屋顶花园剖面 ,section of Blending Experience Area, Liquor Tasting Pavilion and Roof Garden ©家琨建筑

▼勾调体验区,Blending Experience Area ©家琨建筑

▼勾调体验区两侧展台,the display on both sides ©家琨建筑


品酒阁 | Liquor Tasting Pavilion


The Liquor Tasting Pavilion with the far-reaching eaves stands in the sky and is surrounded by water. With a cup of Lang in the gentle breeze, visitors can gaze into the distance.

▼四面环水,一览无余,the Liquor Tasting Pavilion is surrounded by water with a panoramic view ©家琨建筑

▼西侧望向品酒阁,楼宇凌空,楼梯攀缘而上,The view from the West. The pavilion stands in the sky. ©家琨建筑

▼品酒阁,Liquor Tasting Pavilion ©家琨建筑

▼钢柱直插地面,轻盈明艳的钢结构部分架于基座之上 ©家琨建筑
The steel column plunges straight into the ground. The bright steel structure is lightly mounted on the foundation bed.

▼视野,view ©家琨建筑

▼品酒阁夜景,nightview ©家琨建筑


阶梯花园 | Terraced Garden


Visitors walk through the cherry blossoms along the cascade of stairs and are able to enjoy various sceneries.

▼从东侧望向阶梯花园,the view from the east ©家琨建筑

▼阶梯展开形成观景看台,the steps unfold to form the viewing stand ©家琨建筑


栈道廊桥 | Plank Walkway and Lounge Bridge


The plank walkway and the lounge bridge wind through the woods.

▼栈道廊桥,overview ©家琨建筑

▼细节,detailed view ©家琨建筑


斜行电梯 & 山崖餐厅 & 人和洞 | The Sloped Elevator & Cliff Restaurant & Renhe Cave


The sloped elevator stands up to the mountain, connecting the Cliff Restaurant and Renhe Cave.

▼电梯外观,elevator exterior view ©家琨建筑

▼斜行电梯,the sloped elevator ©家琨建筑

▼山崖餐厅,Cliff Restaurant ©家琨建筑

▼人和洞内藏酒,the Liquor Storage in Renhe Cave ©家琨建筑


材料与建造 | Material and Construction


The fair-faced concrete and the local stone are piled up and integrated into the landscape, forming the bed of basic functional areas. The orange-red weathering steel framework is cantilevered over the bed, lightly floating in the sky, which conveys the Oriental classical imagination dwelling in nature.

▼挑檐深远的耐候钢屋面,the far-reaching weathering steel roof ©家琨建筑

▼料石墙体,stone wall ©家琨建筑

▼竹胶模板混凝土拱梁,concrete arched beam with bamboo template ©家琨建筑

▼重竹和钢,composed bamboo and steel ©家琨建筑


The project is interwoven in two characteristics, SEDIMENT and FLOATING, being integrated into the mountain and tripping in the landscape.


Project Name:The Renovation of Tianbao Cave District of Erlang Town
Location: Lang Foundation, Erlang Town, Gulin County, Luzhou Sichuan, China
Client:Sichuan Gulin Langjiu Group
Design: Jiakun Architects
Building Area: 8,478㎡
Principal Architect: LIU Jiakun
Design Team: YANG Ying, HAN Qi, ZHU Weikun, WEN Feng, QU Yiming, LIU Su, WU Luyi, TAO Qiuye, LIU Xiangdong, WEI Zhiming, LI Jing
Lighting Design: Brandston Partnership Inc.
Cpperate Company of Interior Construction Drawing: Chengdu Qingmuyuanyi Design Company
Project Management: Langjiu Jijian
Project Construction: Sichuan Lianxing Architectural Engineering Company; Z&F; Sichuan Wankun Landscape
Photograph:Arch Exist, Jiakun Architects, WANG Kai (Brandston), HAN Xiao

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