Hangzhou Steelworks Park, China by Jiakun Architects

Gardening amidst nature

The Renovation of Tianbao Cave District of Erlang Town, China by Jiakun Architects

Sediment and floating, the project is interwoven in two characteristics

Culture Neighborhood·Songyang Three-Temple Cultural Communication Center, China by Jiakun Architects

“Loach Tofu Soup”: restore the original urban texture

Suzhou Imperial Kiln Ruins Park & Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick, China by Jiakun Architects

Modern translation of traditional brick kiln and palace

Museum of Contemporary Arts, China by Jiakun Architects

The building spreading out on the ground creates roof settlements and a garden

Museum of Cultural Revolution Clocks, Jianchuan Museum Cluster, China by Jiakun Architects

Create a traditional “the temple and local markets” relationship between business and culture

Luyeyuan Stone Sculpture Art Museum, China by Jiakun Architects

Experiencing the natural space and artificial space alternately

gooood Interview NO.22 – Liu Jiakun

Take things easy and be casual. Aim for projects conceiving a full range of architectural qualities.

Shuijingfang Museum by Jiakun Architects

Demonstrate traditional culture and enhance the atmosphere of the community

West Village Basis Yard by Jiakun Architects

continuously vitalize urban communities