The Rambler by A Work of Substance

A quiet haven

Project Specs


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Named after Goodman Interlink’s unique and strategic location in the Rambler Channel, The Rambler is a new take on café design, offering a refreshing space for customers, their workers and their guests to meet, socialise and recharge.

▼空间概览,preview © A Work of Substance

▼多种座位区,various seating areas © A Work of Substance

▼长椅区域,bench area © A Work of Substance

▼木格栅分隔开放与私密区域 © A Work of Substance
wooden grilles separating open and private areas

▼私密的就餐空间,private dining space © A Work of Substance

▼格栅细部,details of grilles © A Work of Substance

▼咖啡制作区,coffee island © A Work of Substance

▼食品制作区,food counter © A Work of Substance

▼标识细部,details of signs © A Work of Substance


The selection of natural elements is a stark contrast to the industrial building the café resides in. A warm palette of materials interspersed throughout with timber wrapped around to nourish the soul and breathe life into the space – echoing the feel of a haven across day and night. The use of blue hues through a gradient of hand-glazed ceramic tiles reflects the lull of water and washes over with an air of contemplation.

▼暖色调的材质,warm palette of materials © A Work of Substance

▼柔和的光线,soft lightning © A Work of Substance

▼家居细部,details of furniture © A Work of Substance

▼食物细部,details of foods © A Work of Substance

▼平面图,plan © A Work of Substance

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