Xuxu · The home of barista, Chengdu by Puer Space Design

”Eight Philosophy”, a harmonious and flexible attitude of life

Project Specs


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The homeowner in this case is a pair of coffee shop owners, who use interest as work and let the homeowner accumulate a unique philosophy of life: life needs to forward, but slowly. You do not have to do it with 10 points, just make 8 points of effort; the remaining 2 points is the room of manoeuvre and the capital to recharge respectively. This is the “Eight Philosophy” of life, not full and not paranoid, just a harmonious and flexible attitude of life. The designer put the “Eight-point Philosophy” in the space design, creating a modern and high-level sense. While integrating a warm and peaceful living atmosphere, and realising the free transition between work and life of the residents.

overall view of the space ©李恒


The total area of the room is 220 ㎡. When thinking about space design, we will create more open spaces according to the living needs of the couple. And connect the “back-shaped” movement lines between the spaces, satisfy the agility of the space and make it have a sense of freedom of walking.The couple like the party and food sharing. The living room/baking area/leisure area compose an open and bright public area, allowing each individual to fully realize the interaction while doing their own things.

▼入口区域,entrance area ©李恒

▼开放明亮的门厅,the open and bright living room and foyer ©李恒

▼餐厨空间,kitchen and dining area ©李恒

▼室内细部,detailed view ©李恒

▼客厅,living room ©李恒


The master bedroom adopts an open “suite” design concept, which combines functional areas such as cloakroom, dressing table, study room, bathroom, etc., to form a complete suite space.

▼主卧室套间,master suite ©李恒

▼卧室细节,bedroom detailed view ©李恒

▼衣帽间,cloakroom ©李恒

▼浴室,bathroom ©李恒

Original floor plan ©璞珥空间设计

Arrangement floor plan ©璞珥空间设计


Project Name: Xuxu · The home of barista
Design Office: Puer Space Design
Project address: Chengdu, China
Building area: 220㎡
Designer: Li Ying
Photography: Li Heng
Brand offers: IMOLA, VAN DER RDHE Furniture, KEDING, Kohler, PEREC

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