The Pallets Store by Marc Bernstein-Hussmann

Shopping for a pair of shoes has become an experience

Project Specs


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项目坐落于南墨尔本市场,由Melbourne Design Studios事务所专门为Yodgee鞋业设计。这个有趣的小鞋店完全由回收的木制货运托盘于现场搭建而成,并配备有节能LED照明系统。项目在可持续发展与室内设计等多个领域都获得了奖项。

This South Melbourne Market stall is a little fun project for Yodgee Footwear, designed by Melbourne Design Studios (MDS). The store is completely made from recycled shipping pallets, set in scene effectively with energy-efficient LED lighting. It has won multiple awards for sustainability , interior design and more.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography


Using pallets as the principle material in the design of this shoe stall allowed the architects to create a beautiful response to sustainability, cost and briefing challenges. This project presented a great way of up-cycling a material which is, otherwise, often left as ‘worthless’ on the side of the road. It’s also a material that is already an inherent part of the shoe supply chain and, rather than using new and highly polished materials with embodied energy, the pallets allowed the designer to use a cradle-to-cradle approach, extending their lifespan while helping to reduce overall cost.

▼货架由回收的木制货运托盘搭建而成,The shelves are made of recycled wooden cargo pallets © Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography

▼店铺细部,details of the store © Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography


The pallets sit beautifully with the ‘temporary market’ feel in which the stall is placed. Sustainability is at the core of the design and, while the recycled timber may be rough and rowdy, it sets the shoes in scene beautifully, providing a harmonious background. Importantly though, the stall is never about the pallets themselves. They don’t seek the limelight. The focus is on the products displayed. At first glance, you see walls of shoes; only on closer inspection you start to realise the homogenous background is made up from old shipping pallets, beautifully detailed into a retail stall.

▼中央展示台细部,details of the display counter © Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography

▼货架与材料细部,details of the pallets © Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography

Type : Experience Design – Shoestore for a Market Stall
Location:Melbourne , Australia
Completion date:2019
Photo credits:Marnie Hawson – Carbon Neutral Photography

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