LE GRAND MARAIS, Paris by Ubalt Architectes

evoking the 1970s inside the flat

Project Specs


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Le Grand Marais曾是一个250平方米的数据中心,现已更新改造为住宅公寓。公寓位于巴黎Le Marais郊区一栋1970年代的大楼中,这里是巴黎最大的公共产权项目,涵盖了办公、住宅、圆形剧场以及游泳池等多种功能。项目最大的挑战便是延续公寓内1970年代的风格,设计师以无处不在的有机玻璃、彩色金属细木工、缤纷的窗帘以及混凝土等材料实现了构想。

Le Grand Marais is a former 250sq data centre converted into a flat, located in a building dating from the 1970s on the outskirts of Le Marais in Paris. This building, belonging to the largest co-ownership in Paris, includes mixed programmes of offices, housing, amphitheatre, swimming pool, etc. The first challenge of this project was therefore to evoke the 1970s inside the flat. This was notably achieved through the choice of materials: the omnipresent plexiglass, coloured metal joinery, iridescent curtains, concrete.

▼室内概览,overview © Yohan Fontaine


Moreover, this loft is located on the ground floor and overlooks the covered circulation of the building. This is the great particularity of this space, which is almost blind, with no view of the outside and little light. With this observation in mind, the project’s intention was to intensify this phenomenon rather than to come up against it. Thus, the layout and distribution of the spaces have been designed with a view to concentration and focus. A buffer space entrance with the exterior serves three bedrooms, a bathroom and the living room while evoking an interior patio. The spaces are linked together, the material slides from one room to another, on the floor, on the wall or even as furniture. The materials echo each other to offer an identity and a staging to the spaces and in particular to the blind rooms of the flat.

▼入口缓冲区,the buffer space at the entrance © Yohan Fontaine

▼从缓冲区看起居室,view of the living from the buffer space © Yohan Fontaine

▼开放厨房与餐厅,the open kitchen and dining space © Yohan Fontaine

▼室内材质,the materials © Yohan Fontaine

▼室内庭园,the interior patio © Yohan Fontaine

▼庭园陈设,the furnishings of the interior patio © Yohan Fontaine


In addition to the desire to make rigid spaces exuberant, the intensification of the project also involves the possibility for this space to be transformed to change its destination and become a showroom, a workplace or a place of awakening thanks to its double kitchen, laundry, storage spaces, projection room/gymnasium and bedrooms that can easily be transformed into meeting rooms.

▼连接卧室区的入口,the door to the bedroom area © Yohan Fontaine

▼活动室,the activity room © Yohan Fontaine

▼卧室,the bedroom © Yohan Fontaine


Finally, the only substantial light entrance is located at the end of the flat where four skydomes are deployed. Here again, it is the intensification that is sought in the project: the terrace garden located above the premises enters through the zenital bays to become a planted jardiniere, until it drips into the flat. The whole project seeks to offer a dreamlike and self-sufficient universe.

▼细部,details © Ubalt Architectes

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing © Ubalt Architectes

▼平面图,plan © Ubalt Architectes

Client : Artisan Loft
Lighting design : Franz&Fritz
Photography : Yohan Fontaine

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