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the free and free from restraint office space

Project Specs


非常感谢 众舍空间设计 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。更多关于他们:Zones Design Studio on gooood.  Appreciation towards Zones Design Studio for providing the following description:


ZONES DESIGN was invited to create a cooperative and shared office space for the most beautiful expectation(Wuhan) Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in Wuhan, East Lake New Technology Development Zone, in the k11 office building, with a height of about 4m. The project aims to inspire and improve the working environment, promoting an office space that is free and free from restraint. Managers and employees work together, the upper and lower classes are blurred, and work and cooperation are more convenient.

▼自由随性的办公空间,the free and free from restraint office space


ZONES DESIGN created a modern and open design for the space. The top and façade wood structures were geometrically cut, overlapped, reorganized, seemingly random but still orderly, while bringing a touch of space to the space. Uncertainty. And the light surface of the soft film material is added to it, which can be said to be the finishing touch. The furniture design of the front desk echoes the wooden structure of the top façade. The clever use of bright colors and wood grain makes the space simple, warm and vibrant.

▼前台,reception desk

▼前台及茶水间的家具设计上与顶面立面的木构造相呼应,the furniture design of the front desk and tea room echoes the wooden structure of the top facade

▼软膜材质的灯光面,the light surface is the soft film material


The colored columns are perfectly matched with geometric carpets and simple furniture. The top wood structure runs through the entire ceiling, connecting the work area to the common area in the middle. In the layout of the plane, it is intended to enhance the connection between the various spaces, realize various exchanges in the space, and perform detailed division by different colors. The markings and colors on the walls and carpets create a strong visual impact, dividing the different areas in a flowing spatial form.

▼色彩明快的办公区域,the colored working space




地点: 武汉市,东湖新技术开发区,k11写字楼
建筑与室内设计团队: ZONES众舍空间设计
设计团队: 王辉,戴奇伟, 李伟军, 赖倩, 崔邦琛
设计期: 2018.05
施工期: 2018.06-2018. 08
摄影: 汪海波
Location: Wuhan, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, k11 office building
Indoor area: 500 square meters
Architectural and Interior Design Team: ZONES
Design team: Wang Hui , Dai Qiwei, Li Weijun, Lai Qian, Cui Bangyu
Design content: interior design, lighting design, soft design
Main materials: wood grain film, rug, tempered glass, steel plate, acrylic
Design period: 2018.05
Construction period: 2018.06-2018. 08
Construction party: Yuchen (Wuhan) Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photography: Wang Haibo

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