Elementary School Foodcourt, Caracas – Venezuela

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Parasite [par-uh-sahyt] noun
An organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as “the host”, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.


A while ago we were contacted by an elementary school to develop a small renovation for their foodcourt, precisely to transform it into a flexible space. A space that would still be functioning as a foodcourt but that would also have the quality of transforming into a small theater and an art gallery. Our approach was to utilize the same materials of the existing building; the childish looking brick patterns, the ballcourt vectors, the classic white granite, the old dusty chalkboards, those pastel yellow tones, materials that were used as ornamental finishes now become structure and form, a new architecture rises from the symbiotic relationship between the host (the existent building) and the new organism (the parasite project!).


▼大门细部,detailed view

▼球场的轨道线,the ballcourt vectors

▼孩子气的砖块图案, childish looking brick patterns

▼经典的白色花岗岩,the classic white granite

▼墙面细节设计,detail design for the wall


▼设计概念图,design concept

Location : Caracas – Venezuela
Project : Atelier Caracas (Rodrigo Armas + Julio Kowalenko)
Team : Irene Eseverri, Juancho Mesa, Corina Montero, Augusto Rivera
Engineering & Construction : Robiro Terán
Photography: Saúl Yuncoxar

More:Atelier Caracas。更多关于他们: Atelier Caracas on gooood

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