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The Nature of Life

Project Specs


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项目定位|Project Orientation


This project is a all-furnished apartment which redesigned from three bedrooms to two bedrooms in 135 square meters. The problem of original apartment: The kitchen and washroom are too small. To a family that have more than one child, the zoning of dining room and living room is too independent. The compound and transparent of different area are necessary so that the parent can take care of and interact with their children.

▼室内概览,interior view


空间意境|Art of the Space


Through changing the structure of the original space to reach the balance of functionality and comfortableness.

▼空间布局概览,功能区复合叠加,视线通透,overview of space layout. The compound and transparent of different area.


空间布局|Spatial Distribution


Connecting the northern room with kitchen in order to build an open kitchen and dining room, so that parents can take care of their babies while cooking. At the same time, the dining table can also be a place to work.

▼将北面房间和厨房打通连接成开放式厨房及餐厅,Connecting the northern room with kitchen in order to build an open kitchen and dining room

▼与厨房中岛连接的用餐区域,The dining area connected to the generously-sized island of the kitchen

▼碗柜细部,Cupboard details


▼厨房细部,kitchen details



Abandoning the traditional TV background and changing the sofa area in living room to a place for reading so that parents can read together with their children. Because of the nature of job, the designer set the workshop in living room for interacting with children.

▼客厅区域,living area

▼工作台&客厅上方储物柜,Worktable & the locker above




Tear down the wall between balcony and living room in order to increase the shared space of living room.



Changing a wall in the main bedroom to a hidden closet for the full use of storage space.

▼主卧室,main bedroom

▼次卧室,second bedroom

▼婴儿床细部,cot details


Enlarging the area of washroom and adding a bathtub for daily use.



As the Party A and Party B of this project, I design this apartment for individual need and, most importantly, for the interaction of adulthood anf children. So I choose to break the traditional design of an apartment for a family. In addition, I update the function of this space to satisfy my wife’s interest in cooking and baking.

▼轴测图,axonometric drawing




Project Name: The Home of Designers: The Nature of Life
Design Company: Turning Design
Main Designer: LI GAN
Deepen designer: WU YUANYUAN
Project Location: Nanjing, China
Material: Engraved glass, terrazzo, wood floor, STUCCO, Benjamin Moore, brass
Project Closure: May, 2017
Photographer: ingallery、LIGAN

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