The Folded Apartment by More Design Office (MDO)

Let 50 square meters be more spacious!

Project Specs


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Finding an affordable apartment in the centre of any city is very difficult. Usually compromises need to be made and in this case we bought an apartment with poor daylight, but a great location and a plan we could reconfigure.

003-The Folded Apartment by MDO


We wanted two key things from the apartment – a sense of space, of openness, and on the other hand, privacy.  In a small apartment these two requirements are usually at odds. We achieved them by organizing the functions from public to private and then folding them around a central spine wall.  The spaces are kept deliberately open but privacy is achieved by controlling the view vistas, and through a series of translucent glass doors which allow daylight to penetrate through the apartment.  This move also allows the northeast facing living room to receive light from the bedroom window during the day.

▼ 概念图示,concept


▼ 轴测图,axonometric drawing

019-The Folded Apartment by MDO


On the bedroom side of the spine wall it is finished with upholstered fabric to give a close acoustic environment. The opposite side of the wall is clad with full height mirror, useful for dressing and helps to expand the sense of space in the hallway, doubling the perceived area.

In order to maximize storage space and to facilitate moving the WC and washing machine, the floor level changes through the design.  The living room steps down from the hallway creating more height, whilst the bedroom is accessed via 3 steps which gives a more intimate environment, whilst creating much needed storage space under the bed. The steps also double as informal seating when we have guests.

▼ 入口和走廊,entrance and hallway

001-The Folded Apartment by MDO

▼ 起居室,living room

002-The Folded Apartment by MDO

▼ 从起居室看向卧室和走廊,view from the living room to bedroom and hallway

004-The Folded Apartment by MDO

008-The Folded Apartment by MDO     009-The Folded Apartment by MDO

▼ 从卧室看向起居室,view from bedroom to the living room

010-The Folded Apartment by MDO

▼ 卧室一角&起居室一角,conner of bedroom & conner of living room

011-The Folded Apartment by MDO     007-The Folded Apartment by MDO

▼ 厨房,kitchen

006-The Folded Apartment by MDO

The Folded Apartment is situated in the heart of Shanghai’s French Concession, on the 2nd floor of a 1930’s lane house and looks onto a leafy street. It was designed and built by MDO in 2014/15

▼ 平面图,plan


▼ 剖面图,setions



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