TFB The Fantastic Beasts, China by Robot3 Studio

Healing each other in an all-bonsai world

Project Specs


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There is a small zoo on the fifth floor of the prosperous coastal city of Shenzhen, where hosts many cute animals.

▼项目概览,overview ©Robot3 Studio



▼设计手绘,sketch ©Robot3 Studio

▼漂浮的“森林”,a giant bonsai floating in the air ©Robot3 Studio

In the first design, the interiors are arranged in a pattern with tall and short styles, and the inside and out are like a maze. By chance, I saw a painting exhibition by Higashiyama Kaii in the winter, and I was deeply impressed. Then it came to the pandemic time.

This year has given me the opportunity and time to think about the world in which we live. Humans originally lived with nature, but through evolutionary process, now we are only able to stay in the reinforced concrete jungle of the city, where also is our home for survival. The small animals here have been nurtured by humans since childhood. Therefore, essentially everyone is all the same. Animals are here to heal humans. I don’t know whether humans are equally healing in their eyes. I hope people and small animals here can relax as much as possible.

▼吧台区域,bar area ©Robot3 Studio


I changed my perspective and attitude to experience the world, so I completely altered the previous plan. The project is located on the fifth floor of the Coastal City. The light through the window needs to be transparent, so I don’t want any angle blocking in the entire space. The sight and movement should be as free as possible, which is the sky outside the window can be seen from any corner. Outside the window there is a concrete jungle made of tall buildings, but an imaginary forest is created inside the window. The nature introduced in the city is all bonsai. This project is also made into a giant bonsai floating in the air. All of this is specially fantastic.

▼咖啡厅座位区,seating area ©Robot3 Studio

▼动物和人的空间紧密相连,the spaces for animals and for people are organized on an open plan ©Robot3 Studio

▼室内空间细节,interior view ©Robot3 Studio

▼室内空间细节 & 标识设计,interior view & logo design ©Robot3 Studio

▼平面图,plan ©Robot3 Studio

设计机构:Robot3 Studio
业主:TFB the Fantastic Beasts
摄影:Robot3 Studio
Robot3 :

Design Firm:Robot3 Studio
Architect: Pan Fei,Wang Xiaoxi,Long Jianfeng
Client:TFB the Fantastic Beasts
Location:610, 6 / F, block B, tianlimingcheng, Hyde 2nd Road, Shenzhen
Type: Leisure and entertainment
Construction Company:Xiamen decoration design co., ltd
Building Area: 308 sqm
Materials:Southern Pine,Log, concrete, stainless steel plate
Design & Completion: 2019.10—2020.6
Photographer:Robot3 Studio
Robot3 :

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