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Deliberate design endow the space with artistic value

Project Specs


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Svalka.spb is a new designer‘s second-hand store in St. Petersburg. It is fundamental of the concept based on conscious consumption and the idea that each thing is valuable and requires a unique approach.

▼项目概览,overall of the project © Anton Ivanov


An unsuitable thing loses its value as a chaotically crumpled piece of paper. At the same time, if you reconsider the same thing, it has a new meaning and consistency. Like a cube has its own system and coordinates.

▼概念分析图,schema of the concept © mptns


The peculiarity of this interior was the entrance to the room which went from street directly to the second floor. The staircase appeared practically in the middle of the hall. To emphasize the uniqueness of this layout, a sloping cube was made along the stairs. It is a symbol of transition from chaos to orderliness.

▼轴测图 – 楼梯将顾客从一层门店入口直接引导向二楼,axonometric drawing –  the entrance went from street directly to the second floor © mptns


Passing through it, we enter a laconic space of consciousness. The thing is an accent in the interior – like a new meaning. How the simplicity of the environment gives things the meaning of an art object.

▼沿着楼梯设置了一个倾斜的立方体,a sloping cube was made along the stairs © Anton Ivanov

▼楼梯口细部,detail of the entrance of the stair © Anton Ivanov

▼在楼梯上看室内,viewing the interior in the staircase © Anton Ivanov


The store’s premises are divided into two halls. The first one contains a library, a minimalistic reception, in front of which there are large cubes with partner products, and the main area with rails. In the second hall there are rails with clothes and two dressing rooms.

▼极简主义的接待台,minimalistic reception © Anton Ivanov

▼第二个大厅内的售卖空间及立体衣架, the main area with rails in the second hall © Anton Ivanov

▼接待台前方的立体衣架与展柜,the main area with rails and the large cubes in front of the reception © Anton Ivanov

▼墙面上设有更衣镜,changing mirror set on the wall © Anton Ivanov


The customer planned to increase the number of fitting rooms in the future, so it was decided to make two regular changing rooms and one mirror with illumination on the wall – for quick fitting of outerwear or accessories. If necessary, it will be possible to order curtains with rails to the mirror and turn it into a full fitting room.

▼衣架细部,detail of the rails © Anton Ivanov

▼家具细部,detail of the furniture © Anton Ivanov

▼平面图,plan © mptns

Project name: SVALKA.spb
Company name: mptns
Lead Architects: Ilyas Chozhobekov
Contact e-mail:
Project location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Completion Year: 2019
Photographer: Anton Ivanov (
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