STAY WITH ME exhibition, China by JOY SEASON Studio

An exhibition for 100 chairs in the emotional blue

Project Specs


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家具家居设计展每年不计其数,展览方式虽各不相同、又大同小异。今年上半年,锦莳设计受邀为100椅凳展进行空间设计,参展的一百把椅凳家具设计作品,全部来自国内原创家居品牌和独立设计工作室。锦莳设计关注人与空间的关系,认为展览不应当仅仅是展品的陈列和材料的堆叠,而应当通过空间设计建立展品与观者之间的情感联系,就像是为什么将一个关于椅凳的展览命名为“STAY WITH ME”。椅凳,是此次展览的主体,是我们每天都会用到的家具,支撑或者拥抱着我们的身体。就像此刻,作为观者的你八成也是在靠着椅凳获得片刻的休息。如果,椅凳有灵,如果椅凳会说话,这位每天都敞开怀抱接受我们的伙伴,他可能只会反复重复一句话: stay with me, stay with me, stay with me……

There are so many exhibitions out there each and every year around the world. Early this year, Joy Season Studio was invited to design an exhibition for 100 chairs designed by Chinese designers and design firms. As a design studio focus on the relationships between human beings and spaces, Joy Season Studio believes to do an exhibition is more than just do merchandising of products or stacking materials. We should focus on the emotional connections between the exhibits and visitors, thus we named the exhibition STAY WITH ME. Chairs, the leading role of this exhibition, the ones holds our body each and every day, if there is one sentence we would hear from the chairs embraced us, it would be “stay with me, stay with me, stay with me”


展览的现场在上海市复兴公园旁边的复兴广场。这是一栋被重新综合使用的老建筑,一层充斥着包括咖啡店、家具店、花店、展厅这样的业态,二层是We+的联合办公区域。为了弱化嘈杂不一的背景环境和复杂的交通流线,锦莳设计在这个商业空间中置入了一系列纯蓝色的装置构筑物,并借由此传达展品的能量和情绪。现状的建筑入口在骑楼的巨大阴影下,为了与外界的环境和过客发生互动,锦莳设计将入口全部用纯粹的蓝色覆盖。从蓝色的入口进入展场,你会首先被头顶悬挂的52个银色disco球吸引,他们伴着公园里吹来的微风,在灯光的照射下,反射着跳动的光线。再往里走是一系列从二层天井悬挂下来的蓝色圆柱,STAY WITH ME的展览序幕也由此展开。

To express the strong sprites of the 100 chairs, Joy Season Studio chose color BLUE as the major factor the exhibition. The exhibition took place in the lounge of an mixed used building on the Fuxing Park, Shanghai, an old building of chaos and terrible lighting environment. Trying to get rid of the influences of the cafe on the left and the flower shop on the right, and definitely the two giant stairs go to second floor of the office part, Joy Season Studio designed a series of installations in the color of blue to form the exhibition and its power itself. The entrance of the exhibition was under the shade of the old building, Joy Season converted it into blue to say HELLO to the ones passing by in the park. And once you entered the gate of the show, you would be attracted to the 52 shining disco balls hanging above the entrance, the lights reflected by the balls dancing as the breeze from the park blows in. The sequence of the hanging columns, is a dramatic installation to focus the attentions of audiences to the show. Stay With Me, this is where we get started.


▼银色disco球及从二层天井悬挂下来的蓝色圆柱,shining disco balls and the sequence of the hanging columns


Right behind the porch wall is the major exhibition area of the 100 chairs, and the arches became the leading actors of this chapter. The arches alongside the way, was inspired by the cathedrals in Renaissance, the origin form of architectures. Here by, you can hear the whispers from the exhibits, the chairs. And the mirrors on the both side of the wall, makes the visitors in the reflection of infinity, forgetting the chaos from the old building.

▼主要陈列区,the major exhibition area

▼“拱”成为空间的主角,the arches became the leading actors of this chapter


At the end of the show, on the opposite side of the main arch, we find disco balls again, and this time they are placed on the blue curved wall. When we turned on the spot lights on, the lightings reflected to the ground, the walls, and the ceilings. With the shining lights reflected to the chairs, we find the sprites of the chairs, and we hear the souls from them.

▼蓝色弧形墙上布置的disco球,disco ball on the blue curved wall

STAY WITH ME,一场沉浸在纯粹蓝色中的椅凳展。

STAY WITH ME, an exhibition for 100 chairs in the emotional blue.

▼展览细部,detailed view




项目地址 :上海,复兴公园
客户:We+ Lab, 上海帷迦众创空间管理有限公司
品牌及产品 :来威漆涂料,色号:撒哈拉夜空

Project name: STAY WITH ME 
Design company : JOY SEASON Studio
E-mail: hi@heyshion.comDesign year & Completion Year : 2018.04
Leader designer: Hector Leung
Project location: Fuxing Park, Shanghai
Gross Built Area (square meters): 350㎡
Photo credits: Arttteeezy
Clients: Shanghai We+ Lab space management Co., Ltd
Brands & Products: Blue paint, Levis, AkzoNobel

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