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Comfortable Tiny Home

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The premises of this case is located in Haidian District of Beijing City.The owners of the home are a young couple with a young son.The master is a software engineer who usually works at home.He loves a simple and brisk style.The mistress is an editor of architecture books who longs to have a corner dedicated to allowing her to concentrate on her writing.

▼室内概览,Interior view


On the principle of not overdoing the interior decoration,as soon as one is inside the home,one can feel the beauty of the high ceiling structure.The white faux weathered stones stacked on the walls project a down-to-earth and leisurely atmosphere.

▼入口玄关,entrance porch


▼从客厅回望玄关,porch from livingroom


▼保留天花板应对特殊的斜屋顶造型,keep the ceiling to reply the special sloping roof

A 35“ping”(~116 square meter)home with a bare interior.For this family of three,the space is slightly small.The uncommon slanted ceiling design was an even greater challenge.HAO Design believed that construction of the ceiling,despite its difficulty,was actually its most beautiful area,and courageously proposed to preserve the ceiling.This action also served to preserve the space advantage of the ceiling height.To prevent the floor heating and ventiliation systems obstructing the view of the structure,the design and engineering stages must be extremely accurate in order to prevent huge losses that may arise from the smallest discrepancy.

▼客厅概览,livingroom overview


To expand the sense of space,Designer made use of simple and brisk white and natural wood colors to highlight the textures of the materials and the linear design of the furniture.Open up wooden-framed big windows to accompany multi-plane glass,providing ample natural sunlight and light diffusion.

▼开辟木框大窗搭配复层玻璃,赋予充分的自然采光与光线漫射,open up wooden-framed big windows to accompany multi-plane glass providing ample natural sunlight and light diffusion


The configuration of the interior and the application of furniture is concocted according to the activity time, frequency and body status of people.

▼轴测图 – 空间布局,axonometric drawing – spatial layout

▼空间结构概览,spatial construction overview


The more spacious layer below is the socialization and games space with a higher frequency of activity.The line of sight is helpful for the parents to supervise their children.

▼较开阔的下层,the more spacious layer below

▼用餐区域&厨房,dining area & kitchen

▼厨房细部,kitchen details

▼俯瞰用餐区域,overlooking dining area


The open style common space and the sliding door designs of kitchen and children’s room can flexibly stretch the space, prevent oil and smoke and, when fully opened up,improve the ventilation.Achieve energy efficiency by reducing artificial lighting and air conditioning needs.

▼开放式公共空间与厨房、儿童房的推拉门设计可灵活伸缩空间,the open style common space and the sliding door designs of kitchen and children’s room can flexibly stretch the space


One corner of the living room is the children’s room / games room.Children’s attention is drawn on the triangular mountain shaped cushions and tents.The blackboard can train children’s learning and imagination.

▼儿童房,children’s room

▼三角弹性山形软包与帐篷增添童趣,黑板墙可训练孩子学习与想像,children’s attention is drawn on the triangular mountain shaped cushions and tents and the blackboard can train children’s learning and imagination

▼主卧室,mater bedroom


▼通往夹层的楼梯,staircase to mezzanine


The upper floor above the mezzanine is the second bedroom and the study.It is a quiet place for rest,work and reading.

▼夹层概览,mezzanine overview

▼阅读空间,reading area

▼书房&次卧室,study & second bedroom



To give the white space layers more variety,earth cement special coating,plastic floor tiles,grey accents such as faux stone materials and metal bricks are used,while wood textures improve a home’s comfort.Space functionality is defined by the furniture and can change dynamically to make use of the space to the maximum extent possible.This open-ended,unfixed and flexible lifestyle not only represents the future of trend,but also reflects a core value of the modern family that HAO Design has pondered — to give to every member a comfortable body feeling and encourage a free and deep sentimental exchange.



Project name:月见棱廓 / Starburst House
Company:HAO Design
Location:北京,中国/ Beijing,China
Floor space:117 m²
Project Type:住宅空间/ Residential space
Written by:蔡舒湉/ Tsai Shu-t’ien

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