Lodève Museum by PROJECTILES

To unite the different periods of construction, both symbolically and structurally

Project Specs


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On this complex site, the series of constructions is hard to decipher. Except perhaps for the Hôtel Fleury, none of the buildings really stands out. We chose to insert a contemporary facade as the new entrance to the museum. The pronounced “mineral” nature of the project, both outside and inside, unites the different periods of construction: it binds them together, so to speak, both symbolically and structurally.

▼建筑外观,exterior view


From Rue de la République, the Hôtel Fleury is now visible and free from all extraneous construction. It acts as a signal. The patrimonial enhancement was carried out together with a redevelopment of all the external spaces of the forecourt.

▼Fleury酒店建筑被置入了一个现代的立面,作为博物馆的新入口,a contemporary facade was inserted to the Hôtel Fleury building as the new entrance to the museum

▼前院,fore court


Inside, the material dialogue between historical and contemporary architecture gives rise to varied exhibition layout forms, in which several levels of approach come into play, resulting in finely nuanced visual perceptions. The aim is to present an argued, sensitive, but not purely descriptive reading, thanks to the redevelopment of real identifiable museum layout sequences, which go well beyond the merely decorative.


▼走廊,passage way


▼接待台处的书店,reception book store


▼历史与当代建筑之间的物质性对话产生出形式多样的展览空间,the material dialogue between historical and contemporary architecture gives rise to varied exhibition layout forms

▼临时展览区域,temporary exhibition

▼古生物学展厅,Paleontology hall

▼从室内看入口大门,entrance door seen from interior

▼前院夜景,night view of the fore court

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,first floor plan

▼三层平面图,second floor plan

Location:France – Lodève
Client :Communauté de Communes Lodévois et Larzac
Architect / Exhibit Designer:PROJECTILES
Collaborators : Daniel Meszaros, partner-architect in charge, Clara Reviu, Johanna Bleicher, Colas Saint-Martin, Pierre-Alexandre Treust, Thomas Bouchet, Charlotte Billon, Juliette Turpin, Brice Launay
Project Year:2018
Photos by:Vincent Fillon
Patrimonial architect : LAURENT DUFOIX
Landscape : EMMA BLANC Paysage
Structures : OCD Groupe
Coordination : OCD Groupe
Graphic design : POLYGRAPHIK
Lighting design: HERVE AUDIBERT
Sustainability : ALBERT & COMPAGNIE
Consultants : COMMENT Multimedia
Competition April 2011
Design Service September 2011
Preliminary Project September 2012
Executive Project November 2013
Building Opening July 2018
Area Surface 2350 sqm
Built Surface 3251 sqm
Building Height 14 m
Building cost 8.120.000 €

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